Trump two term President prophecies

Many people have prophesied Trump will win two terms; the late Kim Clement, Mark Taylor, Hank Kunneman, Pat Robertson, Frank Amedia, Tracy Cook and others.

Be strong in faith declaring Trump wins the Presidency, without wavering!

Word from Jane Hamon. There has been a preponderance of prophetic words about a Trump victory. Some of these word go back to 2012 and 2014, and come from various prophetic camps throughout the US, as well as prophets from all over the world, and they should not be so easily dismissed. In addition, Chuck Pierce prophesied to Dutch Sheets in October of 2018 that the battle in the 2020 election would take us to January 18, 2021!

In 2012 a fireman named Mark Taylor had an encounter with the Lord in which God showed him that the businessman, Donald Trump, would be the next president of the United States. As if that didn’t sound crazy enough, he also said the Lord told him that Trump would serve two terms.

In 2014 the South African prophet Kim Clement prophesied that the next president would be “hot blooded” and that during his presidency they would cry, “Impeach, impeach!” but God would say, “Nay!” He had previously indicated who this president would be when he declared, “Trump will be My trumpet.” In his 2014 prophecy the Lord declared that he would serve two terms.

I refer to these prophecies among hundreds of prophecies, dreams and visions that are out there, because they all prophetically predicted a Trump presidency, which seems unlikely when spoken, and that he will serve two terms

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