Trump lawyers have evidence of widespread fraud!

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Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, holds a press conference outlining progress taking their case to court. Giuliani shared enough evidence to show there is widespread organised fraud. Some people are criticizing them for not showing enough evidence but it is wiser to wait until they get to court.

Pray for Trump’s lawyers receive wisdom from above, confounding the enemy and presenting a compelling case. Just judges to preside over the cases, bind all lies of the enemy and only the truth be spoken. In God’s judgement he will show mercy!

Some outstanding facts

  1. A Venezuela national who is familiar with the counting machine and software used in the controversial swing States, has given an affidavit exposing how the machine and software is used to fraudulently win an election
  2. Michigan, in many precincts there were more ballots than citizens, including children! Clearly fraud is at play here
  3. Affidavits of hundreds of ballots being put through the machine many times
  4. Affidavit of 30,000 ballots with the same signature!
  5. Affidavit of 10,000 ballots of people who are dead!
  6. Hundreds of affidavits of illegal practices collected


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