Texas GOP calls Biden an illegitimate President

Before the elections began, it was clear Democrats were going to cheat. Ballots without signatures, ballots mailed out in mass and ballot boxes without security cameras are the perfect cheating system.

In 2005 Democrats realised mail-in ballots were the greatest source of fraud. They also knew the machines were open to hacking so why use these things? Why change laws just before an election? The answer is simple!

President Trump did his best to prevent these from happening but sleeping or corrupt politicians sat back and watched. Time to decertify!

Time for Biden to go, keep declaring all election fraudsters be indicted, rightful winners of 2020 elections installed, election integrity and democracy restored, RHINOS repent or be removed, honest 2022 midterms

D’Souza: Texas GOP Convention Rejects Results of 2020 Election After Screening “2000 Mules”
Dinesh D’Souza
June 21, 2022


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