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New Zealand faces a challenging election. The public will decide on legalising euthanasia and cannabis. Apparently the election will also decide if NZ becomes more socialist. Socialism, or worse, is a curse on any nation. Throughout history, wherever countries follow those ideologies there is poverty and destruction. We wonder when people will wake up and follow God’s principles.

It appears to me New Zealand is progressing as a country. In 2015 we spent three months in New Zealand interceding for the Church. The Holy Spirit spoke through many prophets saying, tsunamis and earthquakes will strike the country if the Church does not walk uprightly. Soon after we began interceding a speaker at the “New Zealand and Beyond conference said, ‘I sense a shift in the country'”. In August that year Chuck Pierce prophesied the same word as intercessors were declaring God’s promises over the country. New Zealand is moving forward but it appears the Church does not have the strength to breakthrough.

My guidance on euthanasia is, pray the Holy Spirit open people’s eyes to see it is helping someone kill themselves! Euthanasia is not compassion. I was believing and praying for the government to reject the bill but unfortunately that did not happen. Now the challenge is greater but in the 1975 elections God moved over the country, changing everyone’s minds. He can do it again, if we pray in faith.

My other burden is pray Christians choose righteous MPs. The Christian vote is an enormous block of 38%, according to some statistics. This block can change the nation. New Zealand has already legalised same sex marriage, prostitution, late term abortion and gambling. All these bring a curse on a nation. Now the people face the choice of euthanasia and legalising cannabis! Righteous MPs would not have allowed these things to happen.

It appears MPs still vote along party lines when faced with conscience issues. With all party leaders generally supporting immoral laws, the balance in Parliament must change if New Zealand is to change. The Christian vote can change all that. I am praying Pastors, leaders and people of influence will speak up and encourage people to vote for righteous MPs.

I must also add, the Church is responsible for the nation’s backsliding. God has spoken through many prophets and Pastors that the Church must repent but unfortunately we still do not see a change in the countrys direction. Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce and others have taught New Zealand how to turn a nation around. Unfortunately it appears the response has not been sufficient. Stand with us and declare the Church repent of all sin and disobedience, being strong in faith believing the nation will turn. We believe there will be a day when New Zealand becomes a light to the South Pacific.

So our prayer strategy is;

  1. The Holy Spirit open New Zealander’s eyes to see euthanasia is helping someone kill themselves, Tim*
  2. New Zealand will reject a vote for cannabis
  3. Every Christian will go out and vote for righteous MPs, Tim*
  4. Pastors, Church leaders and people of influence will speak up and encourage Christians to vote for righteous MPs
  5. The wheels of New Zealand’s enemy will run heavy and not vote, there will be confusion and division in their camp and their plans fail

*received guidance

Your standing ones

Love Tim & Faith

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