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America faces her most critical election yet. It will determine if she becomes Socialist or remains a Democratic country. But the issues are far deeper than that. We now see Hillary Clinton apparently starting the false Trump/Russia collusion hoax, later the “Deep State” trying to remove a sitting President, also digging back fifteen years into finances just to get a conviction, setting up Trump campaign workers by spreading rumours, asking trick questions to get convictions and forcing a patriotic General to confess a crime they know he did not commit. Who wants to live under a government like that!

God is moving just before the elections as he promised. Democrats have already lost their moral compass and now threaten to remove America’s compass, the Constitution. Praise God the Church is rising up. Cindy Jacobs prophesied there are seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal and are interceding for America. Ps. Frank Amedia received a word, there will be three new Supreme Court justices during Trump’s first term and God will deliver Trump from “The DC swamp” in September. Amy Barret will be the third judge nominated to the Supreme Court fulfilling the first prophecy. The latest news of Hillary Clinton starting the Trump/Russia collusion hoax, I believe delivers Trump from “The Swamp”, fulfilling the second prophecy.

Mail in voting is a disaster! In 2005 Democrats, under President Carter, proved absentee voting is the single greatest opening for massive fraud. There have been many recent instances of how messy and fraudulent mail in voting can be. Expect a crisis after the election which will then be decided by the courts. Having constitutionals on the Court like Amy Barret will be essential in determining a righteous outcome. We are praying Amy Barrett ascends to the court. We are praying Trump wins all suits against mail in voting and all mail-in corruption exposed.

Apart from the Supreme Court, the Senate must be retained by Republicans otherwise Pres. Trump will be a lame duck. North Carolina will most likely determine who holds the Senate so I am praying for Thom Tillis to win. With the sex scandal of the Democrat nominee just exposed, it is looking good for Thom. Some Republicans; Lyndsey Graham, McSally and Collins face stiff opposition with a possibility of losing their seats. Republicans must retain the Senate so there are huge challenges for America in this election.

Then there is apparent corruption like the millions of dollars, from Russians, which passed through fake companies into the Clinton Foundation. Plus millions into Hunter Biden’s accounts for work he has zero experience. Fake media do not report Hunter being paid $50K/month as board member of a Ukraine company. Experts on a board may get $1K/meeting so did no-experience Hunter have 50 meetings a month? After the Trump/Biden debate the most googled word was, “Hunter Biden”. Hint, Republicans following real news do not need to google Hunter Biden. Only Democrats have the news hidden from them by fake news outlets. God is exposing the Democrats again, just before and election.

Democrats who google may also find Hunter’s payments to sex trafficking links in Europe and Russia. Then there is the one off payment from a Russian lady of $3.5M! What was that for? Democrats and fake media are trying to hide this all. I am praying Americans see how corrupt and unjust the Democrats have become and everything be exposed before the election. Looking good so far. Praise God for President Trump bringing up Hunter in the debate. But the most astounding fact from the debate no one has reported, except Pat Robertson CBN, is the Hispanic response.

Hispanics loved the debate with 66% saying Trump won. The Hispanic vote will decide a huge portion of the Electoral College (Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Pennsylvania and Nevada) giving Trump another term as President. Why do the Hispanics love Trump? Because he showed himself strong and controlled the debate. Most Westerners, and most Christians, thought Trump was too aggressive and should have been more Presidential. I admit I was also disappointed with the debate but people forget how evil the Democrats have become. The corruption and lives destroyed grows daily yet no one is stopping them.

When Jesus found people using the temple to make money he was not presidential. He got a whip and drove them out. When the Scribes and Pharisees prevented Israel from coming into the Kingdom and perverting the truth of God, Jesus was not presidential towards them either. He called them names, rebuked them and exposed their hypocrisy. God is kind and patient, but do not forget his justice, the foundation of his throne. Evil must not be allowed to increase.

So I believe Pres. Trump must also be strong against evil people who try and destroy America or prevent her from coming into her inheritance. Sometimes I think Trump goes overboard but I do not do things perfectly either. However Trump is becoming wiser without losing his sense of justice, strongly rebuking and exposing the evil of the “Deep State” and others. I think he is doing a great job and pray for him often. He must win a second term otherwise America will lose its light on a hill. He will win a second term if we do not give up praying and every Christian goes out and votes.

Our prayer strategy is

  1. All Christians go out and vote, Ps. Frank Amedia (5% more Christians)*
  2. Amy Barret ascend to the Supreme Court, Ps. Frank Amedia and many others*
  3. Trump win the Presidency, Ps. Frank Amedia and many others* (pray he wins Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina. Also win Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maine and Nevada after narrow losses in 2016)
  4. Republicans win all toss up States and Senate seats (McSally in Arizona, Florida, James in North Carolina, Lyndsey Graham, Collins, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Minneapolis and Nevada)
  5. All voting fraud be exposed and resolved fairly
  6. Democrat’s crimes and character all be exposed
  7. All Hispanics go out and vote
  8. Wheels of the enemy run heavy, confusion and division in their camp and their plan fail

Your believing Trump and Republican ones

Love Tim & Faith

*guidance received

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