New Zealand’s direction

New Zealand’s condition continues to be serious, with increasing poverty and suffering if the country does not change direction. Whenever Israel went into sin, poverty and suffering increased. I see the same principle working in NZ. My guidance is, the Church must repent then we will see God healing the land, 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Many years ago NZ prophets spoke (read full story) saying, the Church must truly repent, show agape love, have faith, good morals, keep unity, raise up the next generation, care for the members not lording it over them, true worship of Christ rather than socializing, religious spirit and fervent prayer. In the dream “Clean the Inside”, God showed me the Church is still not up to his standard.

Obviously not every Christian will come up to this standard but there is a tipping point. When enough Christians are walking the talk a tipping will come, bringing healing to the country.

For this healing to come, God also requires action. Actions such as evangelizing, voting, speaking up at school boards, being vocal about local and national issues. One of my greatest disappointments was the 2018 US midterms. God promised a “Red Wave” but 30M Christians did not go out and vote, losing God’s promise.

Since then there have been two impeachments, a stolen election, a weaponised DOJ and FBI, a disastrous Covid roll out, crime spikes and shooting inflation. The Biden/Obama administration is dysfunctional, undoing Trump’s achievements within two years!

I see evil influences also increasing in New Zealand, so for this reason we continue declaring failure of all evil plans in the nation. Media are beginning to speak up and question government decisions. This is good because a free press is essential. Alternative media are far more popular than main stream media and fewer people agree with the government, so a shift is beginning to happen. However there is still not enough shift, to bring a change.

National elections are more than one year away but local elections are October 2022, so we must start praying now. There are many challenges ahead. We continue to watch over and declare righteous values prevail.

Our prayer strategy for New Zealand:

  1. Righteous people elected in local and national elections
  2. Christians go out and vote for righteous officials
  3. Christians be involved in school boards
  4. All evil MPs and local officials be exposed, fall and fail in their plans
  5. All evil plans in government, education and media fail
  6. Media speak and print the truth, all lies be exposed

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