Prayer strategy for Malaysian elections

In 2018 Malaysia experienced two miracles. First the corrupt government was voted out, after sixty years rule, with a landslide victory to the opposition. Second there was a peaceful transition of power.

Both of these victories are at risk after the former PM Najib was imprisoned for money laundering, receiving 12 years imprisonment and $210M fine. Najib’s wife has also been indicted for money laundering with a 10 year prison sentence and $216M fine. Following Najib’s verdict deputy PM Zahid, who is also facing charges, said the judgement was political, stirring up strong feelings amoung their supporters.

Whenever the current PM Sabri’s name was mentioned during the party meeting, the crowd booed. This is not a good sign because this could cause violence to spill out across the country. Deputy PM Zahid is calling for a snap election so we must be praying now.

Many years ago we joined intercessors crying out to God for racial harmony and a righteous Government in Malaysia. God gave Malaysia promises for both these areas. I believe these two promises are still relevant today, so we must keep declaring these in faith.

Our prayer strategy for the Malaysian elections G15:

  1. Righteous MPs be elected
  2. Corrupt politicians fail in the election and be brought to justice
  3. Honest and open elections with no corruption or politicking
  4. Racial harmony amoung the races
  5. Christians go out and vote for righteous politicians

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