Revivals in the Air

Prophet Hank Kunneman prophesied, 2023 is the year of God’s reset! Asbury Christian University is experiencing revival amoung the students and many believe this is the beginning of revival in the States.

Lance challenges the church to recognise what God is doing and to get on board. Lance and staff discuss some important points about revival and what they hope to see happening.

During Jesus’s time, Israel missed their time of visitation so we do not want to be like them. The Lakeland revival, led by Todd Bentley, sadly failed due to poor stewardship and sin.

The Welsh revival was the most spectacular in history but sadly died after one year because of poor advice. The US has had five revivals but sadly, they did not transform the nation.

The Apostles are a good example of stewarding a revival by seeking the Holy Spirit at critical moments. They also focused on raising the next generation as Jesus commanded, making disciples.

Let’s be praying for the Asbury and Mario Murillo revivals happening in the States, pray the Lord’s guidance and protection, that lives and nations be transformed

Feb 19, 12:30 pm EST
Christians Must Wake Up To God’s Call Of Revival Sprouting From Asbury | Lance Wallnau

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