Natural immunity proving more effective than vaccines

British stats are being accurately reported which is critical for making right decisions. Stats show natural immunity is winning.

The boosted in Britain have higher infections, hospitalization and deaths compared with all other groups. Following a lot of Government and Health Department’s advice on Covid has serious consequences, so we must learn to be more discerning.

Statistics confirm other countries data where natural immunity is out performing vaccines. Effectiveness of the vaccines against Delta, dropped to 39% for double jabbed and 49% for the boosted in Israel, August 2021. Clearly lower than acceptable levels for vaccines!

The Amish community, all naturally immune, have no deaths since May 2021. People infected with the first Covid virus, SARS-COV-1 have immunity 18 years later so natural immunity wins every time.

Keep declaring Governments stop lying and acknowledge the truth, end lock downs, end mandates and drop the passports, the People stand up speaking the truth to their Government officials and media, all responsible for these crimes against humanity be brought to justice

DrCampbell: Percentage of people testing positive

Week ending 30th April 2022

Diabetes was not the most common pre-existing condition since October to December 2020)

Dementia and Alzheimer’s, 18.2%

Chronic lower respiratory diseases,15.8%

Diabetes, 15.7%

Urinary system

Ischaemic heart disease


Heart failure

Cardiac arrythmias

Cardiovascular disease
Evidence of natural immune protection

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