Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Many Israelis are protesting the proposed changes to Judicial appointments. Rick Joyner and Pat Robertson both say, there is a Deep State in Israel trying to rule the country.

Over the past ten years the judiciary have been overruling Parliamentary decisions. For me, Netanyahu’s corruption charges brings to light the bias of the judiciary.

Netanyahu’s corruption charges involved illegal means of investigation, the so called bribe did not produce any change and Netanyahu’s alibi contradicted a witness’s statement. Under such conditions the case should be thrown out, and normally would be!

The Government’s proposal for judicial change, is to bring a balance of power to the judiciary by allowing Government appointments to the judiciary, as in the States. This is a good idea and will help prevent extreme elements taking over the judiciary, like at present. Government appointments will represent the People who voted for the Government.

Today Israel was voted the 5th happiest and satisfied country in the “World Happiness Report”. Clearly people saying the judiciary appointments will destroy democracy and the country, are extreme at best.

Keep declaring the Deep State fails, truth and justice reign, wisdom and insight for the Government to resolve and pass the law, all evil plans fail

Netanyahu said.

The plan seeks to restore the balance between “the legislative, the executive and the judicial,” which has been overturned in the last decades, he said. “It is for this purpose that we were elected, and this is what we will do. We will do so with consideration and responsibility in a way that preserves the rights of every citizen of Israel – secular and religious, women, LGBTQ, minorities, everyone without exception.”

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