Keep praying for Netanyahu

As we were praying for ’s court cases, Faith had a vision of a Judge’s gravel coming down giving .

In my opinion the prosecutors case is very weak and now we find they have got the details of ’s crimes all mixed up! ’s lawyers were able to prove, using GPS tracking, the prosecution witness’s details are not true.

I would expect this invalidates the case and should be thrown out. Unfortunately the case continues.

At the beginning of ’s case, investigators did not follow the law. This should also invalidate the case but it has not! Why?

Are Rick Joyner and Pat Robertson right? Is the Deep State trying to bring down ?

We declare for , the Deep State of Israel be exposed and removed, that and truth reign

JPost: The Jerusalem District Court on Tuesday rejected the prosecution’s key request in the trial to amend its Case 4000 indictment narrative while approving a more minor request to amend the Case 1000 narrative.

The reversal came after a win by the defense when they used a mix of GPS cellphone location data as well as data from the Prime Minister’s Office security clearance records to demonstrate that Filber could not have met with at the time that the prosecution said a critical meeting took place.

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