It’s a new platform under Elon. I call it “TruthTwitter”. Praise God for someone who still has some common sense and courage to stand for what is true!

Let’s keep praying for Elon, that God give him wisdom to bring truth and transformation to the world. Joe Rogan brought truth to young people with the Dr. McCullough interviews on ivermectin. Now Elon is bringing truth to main stream media with the “Twitter Files”. The extreme left are going crazy!

God is winning, lets not give up. The glory of the Lord will fill the whole earth, Habbakuk 3.

“New Twitter policy is to follow the science, which necessarily includes reasoned questioning of the science,” Musk wrote.

Musk responded by observing, “Anyone who says that questioning them(Fauci and others) is questioning science itself cannot be regarded as a scientist.”

Journalist David Martosko called upon followers to recognize Musk’s announcement has massive implications. 

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton tweeted, “Bad news for transgender extremism, covid totalitarians, and climate alarmists.”

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