Elon fulfilling prophecy

Christy Johnston and the late Kim Clement prophesied, fake media will fall. We’ve seen reporting deteriorate dramatically in the last ten years. Some outlets are nothing but propaganda outlets for certain political parties.

God did not force Adam and Eve to obey him but gave them a choice. We should also give people a choice to say what they want, balanced with the ability to sue false witnesses. This is what the Bible teaches.

Elon is now steering Twitter in the right direction. Pray God gives Elon Musk wisdom to transform Twitter, from a bias and political media company, to a company which shares all views. People must have free speech so the best ideas come forward.

Keep declaring fake media fall, turn and tell the truth as God prophesied “The moguls have fallen!” (Christy Johnston), “CNN will have no choice but to say what God wants to say!” (the late Kim Clement)

Less than a week after officially closing his $44 billion acquisition to take Twitter private at $54.20 per share, Elon Musk has already revealed major changes for the social media platform.

Bloomberg News reported last week that Twitter’s engineers were unable to make changes to the platform’s code after Musk brought in a team of engineers from Tesla to review it and explain what the company needs.

Elon’s changes

  1. Dissolving Twitter’s board
  2. Firing top executives
  3. Bringing in Tesla engineers to review Twitter’s code
  4. Launching content moderation council and revamping Twitter verification
  5. Vine video revival?


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