Fake Media Falls

According to Christy Johnston’s Sept 2018, “the media have “perceived” that they have all power and authority – opening and closing doorways to whomever they choose – silencing whomever they wish, but this is about to be exposed and come crashing down as the Father is decreeing from the heavens, “Let My justice prevail!” Nothing and no one can stand in His way, nor silence Him and His people. The media does not hold the key of the house of David. “

After two years reporting Trump Russia collusion, impeachment and prison for Trump, it is now proven the Fake Media were totally biased, blind and attacking Trump. By following the Strzok/Page texts, DOJ and FBI emails, some observation and a little common sense, it was clear the Trump Russia collusion was “The Deep State” insurance policy.

CNN and MSNBC ratings drop by almost 40% after the Trump Russia collusion proved false. FoxNews, who has been searching for the truth about “The Deep State”, ratings rose by over 30%. Truth always wins!

TheBlaze: Source: (watch video)

Elijah List: Christy Johnston   read more …

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