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Amanda Crabb prophesied, “I heard the Lord say that we are moving into the perfect hour for the Church to arise and shine. An “hour” is a small window of time in which to respond …. So choose carefully. I believe the Lord is letting His Church know that this is the moment to leave a legacy, Isaiah 60.” When Amanda shared this prophecy I had a witness in my spirit, this is a true word.

“Arise, Shine for your light has come, the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you.” (Isaiah 60:1-2)

Amanda continues, “God is calling us to prepare body, soul and spirit to be carriers of his presence into this new hour of ministry.” I believe a key to preparation is mercy. A wise person is full of mercy, James 3:17. The mercy seat covered the Ark of the Covenant where God’s glory and presence dwells therefore showing mercy is an entrance into God’s glory and presence.

A few years ago Faith and I received a terrible shock. A sister had been beaten by her alcoholic husband and although the Church knew about it, no one visited or helped her. I notified the Pastor so he and a member visited. Afterwards he said, “I am sick of this family, they never change!” We were shocked, the family had only been in the Church for a year. How can an alcoholic and family change in one year? Mercy is being like the Good Samaritan, going out of our way to help someone until they have recovered.

Mercy is a quality we focus on in our lives. We helped this sister for several years. One night she rang, we were up out of bed and into the rain and cold. When we arrived on the scene the wife had a black eye and the husband was holding a 1Kg steel bar. It was traumatic, it was dangerous but we stayed with them until early morning, trying to help. We barely knew the family, they are not in our ministry and are rubbish collectors, however we did all we could to help.

After one violent incident Faith said, “We should have gone to the hospital with the sister!” I agreed and there were other things we could have done better. We don’t always do things perfectly but it is important to be honest with ourselves and make it a priority to grow in mercy and in love. These are the two most important characteristics of God and two things we pursue in our lives. As we grow in these areas we sense God’s presence and glory grow in increasing measure. Several years later the sister moved to another city and rang saying, the family is doing well.

Be careful of becoming extreme in mercy. Yes, it is possible to become extreme. Moses is the clearest example. When God told Moses he was going to destroy Israel in the wilderness, Moses interceded for them. God changed his mind but what happened after was not good news. I have never heard someone tell the rest of the story so I will share it with you.

For the next forty years, Moses led Israel around and around in the wilderness. If Moses had not interceded, God would have destroyed the older generation and led the youth into the Promised Land. Instead, Moses wasted the next forty years of his life walking around in the wilderness.

Then the saddest thing, Moses failed to complete his call. God said he would bring Moses into the Promised Land but Moses lost patience with Israel and doubted God. Because of this disobedience he lost that blessing of leading Israel into the Promised Land. God tested Israel ten times in the wilderness but disobeyed each time, so God’s judgement was just. Moses unfortunately, was too merciful wasting forty years of his life and failed to fulfill his call.

But Amanda is prophesying something great for the body of Christ. As we pursue God during this time, bondages will be broken in people’s lives. We won’t be putting bandages on people but bringing deliverance. Amanda’s prophecy continues, “When we stand before our King, EVERYTHING we do in this next season will matter! The picture will be captured for eternity, not just in Heaven, but also for our destiny on Earth, as long as the Lord tarries.” Read full prophecy

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