The Noose Tightens

NooseI believe the focus of our prayers must be for protection of the “Deep State” whistle-blower. The Holy Spirit has not shown me who this person is, only that the “Deep State” will try to kill them!

The IG report show clear evidence of operatives working to remove a duly elected President.

When investigators are lying, falsifying documents and withholding evidence from judges to get a warrant, you know the department is in serious trouble. When the countries inspector and the head of the investigative branch call these errors, omissions and sloppiness, you know the situation is very hard to resolve. When there are 17 crimes(correction not all 17 are crimes) in total, the problem is alarming. Add to this the fact that all 17 so called errors and omissions go against the Trump campaign worker, you know it is planned and deliberate.

“Keep declaring the “Deep State” hang on their won gallows!” Cindy Jacobs

This is the result of IG Horowitz investigation into Comey’s handing of the FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign member, Carter Page. There were 17 serious crimes and problems with the investigation. All of these worked against Trump so they were not simple errors, omissions or sloppiness. They were planned, they were deliberate and were executed to remove President Trump. (I should add, Sen Graham asked IG Horowitz if he knew of lawyers falsifying documents to get a warrant? AG Horowitz looked very stressed answering “NO!” So, as far as IG Horowitz knows this has never happened in an FBI investigation before! Then how come it happened in the most important case in history, the investigation of a President!) And now, impeachment madness! Truly darkness covers America and thick darkness over the people who committed these crimes.

However the glory of the Lord is rising over America.

Cindy Jacobs prophesied, when the “Deep State” nears its end they will fight amoung themselves. Then it will get really bad but then the end will come. We have seen the Clinton e-mail and Trump Russia investigators blaming each other for what went wrong. Now things are getting really bad where we are seeing the same people lying about what was happening, twisting everything around and accusing Trump, Republicans and AG Barr of the same crimes they committed. And of course impeachment! These are signs the noose is tightening and the end of the “Deep State” is at hand.

I believe there is someone who knows all about the “Deep State” and can break this whole thing apart. One night the Holy Spirit gave me a dream. I saw a “Deep State” operative being led away by the police. At that moment someone tried to shoot the operative(then the dream ended). Long before the Trump Russia narrative began, a man Prof Mifsud told a Trump campaign worker he had dirt on Clinton. Mueller said Mifsud is a Russian agent! We now know, Mifsud is working for the US government.

Why on earth is a government source giving a Trump worker dirt on Clinton? It looks like a setup to trap the Trump campaign into committing a crime. (other campaign workers and Republicans also recall suspicious contacts with people before the Presidential election) Mifsud now fears for his life and after talking to AG Barr and Durham, is in hiding and been given police protection. Mifsud may be the person who will blow this whole “Deep State” coup apart, exposing the evil in America and bringing justice back. Let’s keep praying.

Stand with us declaring

  1. The “Deep State” will hang on their own gallows (Cindy Jacobs)
  2. Strength and courage to pursue the “Deep State” and bring justice (my guidance)
  3. Identify the person who will expose the “Deep State” (my guidance)
  4. Protection for the person who exposes the “Deep State” (my guidance)

Your “Deep State” fighters

Tim & Faith


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