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An evil generation seeks a sign, Luke 11:29, but I take note when God gives a sign. When a severe test of faith and perseverance is ahead, God gives a sign to encourage and help us stand. This blog shares three signs God has given us: for Town One, “The Deep State” and euthanasia in New Zealand.

The first sign I remember was for the Red Light District in Town One. The Holy Spirit burdened me to pray, close down the Red Light District. A few weeks later the mayor was walking in town and a girl tried to pull him into a brothel! He was enraged and ordered all the girls off the street. I knew God was moving and had given us a sign. I was encouraged and strengthened in faith to believe the Red Light District would close. A few months later all the brothels closed.

Another sign we see is America’s “Swamp Wars”. Cindy Jacobs prophesied, as we get closer to “Deep State” indictments the swamp creatures will fight amoung themselves. Comey criticises Rosenstein, Rosenstein hits back. Comey also attacks Strzok and Page. They then accuse Loretta Lynch. Ohr is blaming DOJ and FBI. Finally Lynch criticizes Comey. These are all “Deep State” actors implicated in the Clinton e-mail cover-up and Trump collusion lies. Let’s keep proclaiming “The Deep State” hang on their own gallows and all moles be exposed (Cindy Jacobs). Let’s not give up until all actors are indicted and brought to justice. Read more …

One other sign is for New Zealand. When MP Seymour tabled the euthanasia bill the committee reported back saying, they could not come to a conclusion on its content. Seymour had to rewrite the bill. A few days before the second reading Seymour called MP Ghahraman, a menace to the freedom of speech! This caused an uproar in Parliament and MP Ghahraman received death threats requiring a police escort! Then on May 22nd the bill was not tabled as scheduled. We do not know why it was not tabled but things are not going well for Seymour’s bill. Are these signs the euthanasia bill will not pass? I am encouraged to keep proclaiming the bill does not pass. Read more …

If you are interceding for something and God gives a sign, take note. You will probably need it so you can persevere in faith until it comes to pass.

God Bless

Love Tim & Faith


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