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This picture reflects the “The Deep State” dream I had a few weeks ago. The cat was afraid to grab the mouse so the mouse got away. Three weeks ago we prayed, those responsible to stop “The Deep State” will show leadership and bring them down. Last Friday Congressmen Jordon and Meadows called to impeach Rosenstein, the man responsible for the fake Trump Russia investigation. God is answering our prayers so let’s not give up!

Late last week Congressmen Jordon and Meadows stepped up to the plate and showed some leadership. They moved to impeach Assistant General Rosenstein. Rosenstein signed off on the illegal FISA warrant, which was based on an unverified and highly inaccurate dossier, paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign then used to investigate Trump for collusion with the Russians.

Congress has been asking for the FISA and related papers for over a year but they have been given the run around, bits and pieces here and there, important non-secure details blacked out and important information hidden from them! One year is far too long to wait for these papers. A clear lack of leadership by Congress, or are there “Deep State” people in Congress holding things up. Rick Joyner wonders about some of them!

There are a long list of crimes committed at Government level. The “Fast and Furious” ploy, selling automatic weapons to cartels in Mexico killing hundreds, possibly more! AG Holder was responsible to show justice. The Uranium One deal where 20% of America’s uranium was sold to Russia and it appears millions of dollars from the sale were traced to the Clinton Foundation. Then there is the IRS scandal where conservative organisations, many Christian, were targeted by the Tax Department.

Then of course the Benghazi affair where the US Embassy in Libya was attacked by terrorists and no one responded for several hours. The Ambassador, a Navy Seal and others were killed. The Obama department deliberately lied putting the blame on a video. Clinton was Secretary of State at the time. Then the Awan case where 44 DNC and the Democratic Congress computer systems were hacked and computers stolen.

More recently the Clinton e-mail scandal, where 87 secret e-mail were found on Clinton’s illegal and insecure server. The server was wiped clean of all information while under subpoena. Their IT person lied under oath, associates were given immunity and their computers wiped of all evidence. And now the same DOJ and FBI people who protected and exonerated Clinton are involved in the fake Trump Russia investigation! The Strzok Page texts have been revelatory. Do you see the pattern? Although these cases have not been proven through the courts, in all these cases top justice and law enforcement people are involved, yet no indictments!

When the head is corrupt, the whole body is corrupt! “The Deep State” must be stopped. The Bible and history prove, where there is injustice in government, the country self-destructs. Rick Joyner is enraged at the level of corruption. Judge Jeanine and Trey Gowdy, professional prosecuters, see the situation clearly. They are extremely anxious and angry because they see nothing being done while these crimes continue under everyone’s nose.

When the head is corrupt, the whole body is corrupt!

Cindy Jacobs prophesied, the Trump Russia collusion investigation will bring down “The Deep State”. Therefore this intercession is hugely important for America, “The Deep State” must be stopped. If “The Deep State” is not exposed and indicted, I don’t think America will be Great Again and could miss her inheritance.

I’m not sure impeaching Rosenstein is the best idea, Gowdy doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Joyner says the US Marshals should take over the FBI, Judge Jeannine says Sessions “needs to put his man pants on” and take charge, Trey Gowdy says he just wants all the FISA and FBI documents related to the Trump Russia collusion. Trump has the authority to end the Mueller investigation but has been advised not to get involved.

I don’t know what is best but I know from experience, if we pray according to God’s will, He will work out the details. This is where prayer and the prophets come in. The prophets will show us what is going on and as in this case, when ordinary people cannot do anything, prayer will turn things around. POTUS Shield, Cindy Jacobs, Underground Intercessors United and many others are praying. Our prayers are having an effect. The illegal FISA warrant provoked investigation, Strzok Page texts have given us clear insights, Manafort and Cohen arrests shows Mueller’s motives. Jordon and Meadows have stepped up to the plate and are pursuing “The Deep State”. God is moving!

God is moving!

“The Deep State” will lose, this we know, but we must fulfill our responsibility and pray. “The Deep State” will lose if we pray and do not give up. From our experience, many Christians fail to persevere and are weak in faith. Abraham received the promise AFTER he patiently endured, Heb 6:15. Let’s pray, be strong in faith and not give up, God will have his way.

Please pray:
1. Protection, strength and courage for those pursuing “The Deep State”
2. Those pursuing “The Deep State” will be diligent and catch all “Deep State” people
3. All “Deep State” people will be indicted and brought to justice

You’re praying Saints
Tim & Faith
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