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Swamp Crossing

I am re-posting this blog because it contains the essentials behind corruption in DC and how we should pray.

A picture paints a 1,000 words and this picture tells the story of God’s mandate for Pres. Trump, to clean out the Washington swamp. When I read Kathie Walters dream of Trump cleaning rust off the ship “Constitution”, I knew God was speaking. Rust represents corruption and as the Mueller investigation continues, we see more and more corruption at Government level. Cindy Jacobs prophesied the Mueller collusion investigation will lead to “The Deep State” hanging on their own gallows. This saga is being played out in the public arena and now the American people want to see it end.

Did God give us a sign that on the anniversary of Haman’s hanging, June 6th 2018, NYPost ran an article listing five perjuries committed by Obama re Iran. (see below) I remember Strzok/Page texting, “POTUS (Obama) wants to know ALL we are doing”. How much does Obama know about the white wash of Clinton’s e-mail scandal and the fake collusion investigation by lead investigator Strzok? For God’s revelation on Obama’s motives as President, see Ps. Sweet’s dream below.

Judge Jeanine says the Mueller investigation should continue because the longer it goes on, the more corruption we see in the Obama administration. I would add it is not just Democrats who are corrupt, but as Judge Jeanine points out, it appears Republicans like Mueller are also corrupt. Judge Jeanine names a long list of officials, including Mueller and Comey, profiting from their positions in government. This week we discover Steele, who wrote the false FISA dossier, after he was fired by the FBI, continued to be contacted by the DOJ Ohr, who then passed information to the FBI!

Today former CIA Brennan had his security clearance revoked because he lied to Congress and used his position for profit. Trump also named Rice, Strzok, Comey, Page and others who may have their clearances revoked. That would be a common sense move. Congressman Graham calls for a Special Counsel but I’m not sure that is the way to go. Congressman Gowdy says that investigation will go on for years. “Justice deferred is justice denied!” says Gowdy. I agree. I like the way PM of Malaysia quickly took action against the corrupt Najib.

“Justice deferred is justice denied!”

Congressman Gowdy wants all the documents related to the Mueller investigation so he can find the truth. The DOJ and FBI, claiming that could influence an ongoing investigation, keep stonewalling Gowdy’s requests. When there is such clear evidence an investigation is based on a false dossier and the lead investigators have extreme bias, the investigation should stop and its legality carefully reviewed. That is obvious.

However Congress and the DOJ, who are responsible to investigate its legality, are doing very little. I can sense Gowdy, Jordon, Judge Jeanine and other’s frustrations. But every week more corruption at high levels of government are exposed. This week FoxNews reported credible accounts of Mueller and Comey profiting from their government positions. It is revealing.

Gen. Boykin (MorningStar), expert in Marxist infiltration, says “The Deep State” is widespread and deeply embedded in government. He says they are like Marxists and it will take great wisdom to clean out. God knows where all the information is and he will bring it to light. This is where intercession is critical, the cat must know how to catch the mouse and not let it go! I was encouraged to see Underground Intercessor United agree to post “The cat The mouse” dream as a point for intercession.

The cat must know how to catch the mouse and not let it go!

I remember when we were betrayed, we realised it came from a certain group. We prayed and asked the Lord who betrayed us. Within 24hrs a man from that group revealed he had betrayed us. Nothing was hidden from King David and as leader of the States, nothing will be hidden from Pres. Trump. This is the power of our God, so let’s keep praying Saints, God is working mightily and the Swamp will be drained!

When I read Kathie Walter’s dream of Trump cleaning corruption out of the Constitution, I had a witness in my spirit. God speaks to me mostly through dreams and I agree with Kathie’s interpretation. Pres. Trump will clean corruption out of the legal system which will bring cleansing of DC and the country. We can’t legislate against morality but as Bill Johnson says, “What if there was no law prohibiting murder in California?” Laws help people know right from wrong and provide a just resolution when laws are violated. The Constitution is America’s moral compass and essential for the nation. Corruption of the legal system and a return to the Constitution must be removed.

This is not about politics, it is not about the person but about the purposes of God for the States. It will take leadership, courage and perseverance. Trump is the man for the job, we must pray!

Please pray:
1. Strength and courage for all who are exposing and cleaning out the DC Swamp
2. Wisdom and insight for the Trump team to clean out the Swamp
3. Protection for those who reveal corruption
4. A just process to prosecute corrupt officials
5. Lord in your judgement show mercy

Standing with the States
Love Tim & Faith

1. Judge Jeanine: I want the Mueller probe to go on and on
Aug. 11, 2018 – 9:18 – Every day it gets closer to proving collusion between Russia and team Obama, not Trump.
Clinton finance to Fusion GPS for the fraudulent dossier which is the basis for the Mueller investigation. Judge Jeanine now explains the links between Mueller and his connections with Russian oligarchs through Podesta.

2. Obama’s perjury
The Obama administration, and it appears Obama, secretly sought to give Iran access – albeit briefly – to the US financial system by sidestepping sanctions kept in place after the 2015 nuclear deal, despite repeatedly telling Congress and the public it had no plans to do so.

3. Obama’s motives, Ps. Sweet’s dream

4. Kathie Walters dream, Trump will clean corruption out of the Constitution
I had a second dream about 6 years ago, and again I was high up, like in a plane, looking down and the “US Constitution” was still lying on its side in the water. It was still rusted, but I saw the figure of a man in “overalls” and he was standing on the rusted side with this can of that anti-rust paint (like I saw in my first dream) and he was painting over the rust. So again I thought, “Good, the Constitution will be OK.”

Then I wondered “who” that man was because he was in a dangerous place standing on the rusted side. The rust (corruption) could cave in on him, so I prayed that he would be able to apply that anti-corruption paint safely. Then it was as if the camera zoomed in and I saw who the man in the overalls was – Donald Trump! I was a bit amazed as I only knew of him from seeing a couple of apprentice shows (this dream was six years ago).
Kathie’s prophecy is below Hank Kunneman’s.

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