I hope you are pressing forward in this year of Metamorphosis. Because this is such an important time, I wanted to send this prophetic word out before Rosh Hashanah which is on September 9-11. The last few months, I sense the life of Christ rising up in my spirit and heart more and more. As I have been pursuing breakthrough I am gaining momentum so it is easier to move forward. I believe the new life in Christ is the most important thing for a Christian. Paul said to the Galatians he is in labour until Christ is formed in them, Galatians 4:19.

“My children, with whom I am again in labour

until Christ is formed in you-“

I started taking drugs at 16yrs of age. Then at 17 I had my first bad experience and forgot my name. One year later another bad experience, forgetting my name a second time. That is serious brain damage! At 22 I realised my brain was severely damaged and decided to give up drugs. Every day I tried to stop but every day I failed.

The day I became a Christian I was immediately delivered. I went into Church hooked on drugs, I came out hooked on Jesus. Two months later a friend said, “Tim you haven’t taken any drugs for two months!” It was then I realised what happened. The change of heart was so radical I didn’t even think about drugs. It was a miracle! God also restored my mind. When I was at Bible College, students would ask me, where is a Bible verse. Often I could give them chapter and verse.

Faith, as a suicidal 15yr old kid, cried and cried at the altar as the Holy Spirit healed her traumatic past. God also gave her a hunger and thirst for his word. Her mother scolded her for reading the Bible saying, “You’ll go crazy reading the bible so much!” At night, when everyone had gone to bed, Faith would pull up the covers, turn on her torch light and read the Bible!

Where did the change of heart and that thirst for God’s word come from? This is the life of Christ in us. “It is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me” Galatians 2:20. Your testimony will not be the same, maybe not as radical, but when you were born-again God did something in your spirit and your life was different. This is the life of Christ in us and why Metamorphosis is so important. As we become more like Jesus there is more power in our life and ministry to help others. We see this clearly in Rees Howells life where intercessions were only answered, after he changed.

The first key to this new life is faith. I am shocked to see so many Christians who do not believe they can change. God’s word is clear, we have the grace to change and our testimonies are proof of God’s word. Everything we need for life and living was gained by Christ on the cross. The most miraculous thing is, our sinful nature died when Christ died on the cross, Romans 6:6. Our sinful nature is the source of all wrong desires and lusts. Therefore we can now overcome all sin and weakness.

“Knowing this, that our old self was crucified with him

in order that our body of sin might be done away with,

so that we would no longer be slaves to sin” Romans 6:6

Our main problem is believing this truth, especially after we sin or fail. We all fail in many ways but Jesus is merciful and quick to forgive if we confess and forsake our sin. This is the moment our faith is tested. Do we still believe our sinful nature is dead? Do we still believe we can overcome? After being convicted by the Holy Spirit, a friend of ours took several years to overcome smoking. Each time she puffed on a cigarette she would declare, “I am not smoking!” That is faith. Eventually she was able to stop. 80% of people who go through Teen Challenge addictions program, overcome their addiction. So can you if you have faith! 1 John 5:4, 2 Timothy 4:7.

The second key is repentance. Jesus shared a simple story of the prodigal son, showing the four steps to repentance and overcoming. First the prodigal son realised his sin, second he confessed it to God and his father, third he made a decision to take action and lastly he followed up his decision by changing his behaviour. He went back to his father and did not engage prostitutes or riotous living again. He stopped sinning. Ps. Jim from Teen Challenge says, “Stopping is the key to overcoming”. Remember faith without works is dead.

Don’t listen to the hyper-grace people who teach the opposite. I was very pleased to hear MorningStar ministries speaking up and refuting hyper-grace teaching. I have shared about Ps. Hyper from Singapore, spreading his leaven through the body of Christ. Clearly his teaching has come to the ears of Rick Joyner from MorningStar. Hyper teaching is leaven that will affect the whole life of a Christian. Prophets and Pastors we need to be speaking up and exposing that extreme teaching. It is impossible to live a godly life following that teaching. It affects a Christians eternal destiny. The next key.

The third key is perseverance. It was a long way back to the father so the prodigal son had to persevere and resist all temptations before he arrived home. But it is in the persevering we experience the miracle. The longer you persevere in doing the right thing, the stronger you will get until Christ’s life rises up within you. Now that is the sweet spot, where it is fairly easy to resist temptation and to walk a straight path. It is no longer you who lives in that area of your life but Christ who lives in you! Celebrate!

During this process of Metamorphosis the Holy Spirit will convict and reveal an area in our life which is not Christ like. We cannot change in our own strength. When there is conviction we have the grace to turn and overcome. Step by step we will become more like Christ. As we persevere we will gain momentum and it will become easier and easier to do what is right and good. Jennifer LeClaire and Lana Vasser prophesied that now is the time we gain momentum if we have persevered.

I am spending several hours each day praying, seeking Christ for more of him and less of me. I am gaining momentum and it is exciting. Reschedule your time, before this critical period of Rosh Hashanah, and spend more time with Christ. You will also experience more of him in your life.

The sweet spot is the new life in Christ. As we become more like him, the fruit of joy, peace and love will also grow in our spirit, raising us up above life’s circumstances. At each step there will be an increase of power and authority over the devil and to break bondages in people’s live. It is a nice place to be.

Let’s keep pressing on, pursing godliness and bringing freedom to others.

Intercessors let’s be praying:

  1. for our family and church to put off sin, the flesh, the self and put on Christ
  2. for all to walk worthy of their calling
  3. for all to be strong in faith knowing they have the grace of God to overcome
  4. for all to persevere and not look back
  5. to complete all assignments in this season

Your gaining momentum Saints

Love Tim & Faith

  1. Jennifer LeClaire
    “There’s momentum behind the metamorphosis. For those who have pressed into my Change Agent and cooperated with My Spirit of Grace, the accelerated acceleration is in motion. What took you days will take you hours. What seemed difficult will come with ease.
    “Trust Me now for the most difficult obstacles to bow. Trust Me now for the new beginning. Trust Me now for the deliverance from the past. Trust Me now to usher and escort you into your next. Trust Me now. My momentum is with those who have laid down their own agendas and picked up My agendas and leaned in to My heart to hear the direction My Spirit is moving. Move with My Spirit and momentum will manifest to make up for lost time.”
  1. You Will Come Back Ten Times Stronger!”

Lana Vawser, Brisbane, Australia

Suddenly, I felt myself moving through the gates we had just warred to see opened. Momentum is being recovered. The “Glory Train”, this freedom movement, is now rolling through the gates!

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  1. MorningStar Ministries

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