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Kav Ford

Closely related to the Mid-Term elections and righteousness in the States, is Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court. Over a month ago the Holy Spirit laid a burden on my heart to pray for his nomination and I am shocked at the intensity of this battle. Frank Amedia and Charlie Shamp also have words, that Kavanaugh is God’s choice. Rick Joyner and Pat Robertson (CBN) believe Kavanaugh is an excellent choice.

I believe Ford’s sexual abuse is genuine. People don’t go through counselling for no reason. I also support the #MeToo movement. Although we have not been sexually abused, we know what it is like to live with trauma. We do not wish anyone to suffer like that and we empathise with Ford, but where are the witnesses and evidence that Kavanaugh abused her? All three witnesses, named by Ford, say they were not at such a party(correction. The three witnesses said they have no recollection of the party). More astoundingly, Ford’s lady witness says she doesn’t even know Kavanaugh and never attended a party with Kavanaugh! To prevent false accusations the Bible teaches, there must be two or three witnesses. Ford has got the wrong names of everyone involved! When three witnesses and the accused say it never happened, we must take their word for it.

Second, the time and place. If Ford gave a time and place for the party, Kavanaugh may have evidence he was somewhere else. Three football players were accused of rape but an ATM machine photo proved they were not in the hotel at the time of the alleged rape. Even worse, the Democrats did not honour Ford’s request to keep confidence and have plunged her into another trauma which she and her family could have been spared. Kavanaugh has over 200 women, including former girlfriends, who can testify of his respect for women and self control when drinking. Very few people would have such an impeccable reputation.

Third, people are innocent until proven guilty. I am shocked at the disregard for law shown by the Democrats. These three common sense rules help prove or disprove an accusation. I am shocked Ford’s lawyers and the Democrats disregard these simple laws. It is impossible for Ford to prove her accusations yet the lawyers and Democrats persist with their accusations. I am astounded!

Do the Democrats have an ulterior motive? Kavanaugh is known for his clear and accurate understanding of the Constitution. His has written over 300 legal papers, some of which have become law. Kavanaugh’s election will ensure righteous laws for the next 40 years! Liberals do not want such a person on the Supreme Court so they have used every possible means to obstruct his nomination. The nomination hearings were anything but orderly. They were shocking! It certainly looks like the Democrats have an ulterior motive. Is this the reason for smearing a righteous man’s reputation?

I believe Pat Robertson is right, “We can not let illegal practices and smear campaigns rule a country. The Republicans must stand up and be counted on Kavanaugh’s nomination.(my words)” The Democrats have done this for too long with “Fast and Furious”, Benghazi, Clinton’s e-mails, Khan cover-up, FISA warrant, the Mueller collusion investigation and other cases.

Let’s be praying wisdom for Grassley, the Republicans and for Kavanaugh’s nomination. God wants Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court and it will happen if we pray and do not faint!

1. Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court Charlie Shamp, Frank Amedia and myself

1. Wisdom and insight for Grassley and Republicans to navigate the nomination mine field
2. Grassley and Republicans be strong and courageous, do the right thing
3. Lies of the enemy be exposed
4. Hedge of protection around Kavanaugh, Ford and their families, and God’s peace fill their hearts

Standing for Order in the Court
Love Tim & Faith
1. Frank Amedia. At the onset of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, I have sought the Lord and asked Him what he would have us do. The Spirit spoke clearly to me to publish a call for a three-hour cyclical prayer and intercession participation, patterning the Eight Prayer watches, to support Brett Kavanaugh to be approved and seated on the Supreme Court. Please refer to the schedule below. We are inviting you as led of the Lord to sign onto one or more of these watches and to pray daily in agreement for this victory. We shall send Potus Shield alerts and post more information as we continue together in our assignment.

2. Charles Shamp “Prophetic Word Concerning the United States Supreme Court”. First Samuel Oct 15th 2017 I have chosen who sits in the seat of power in your country and I will also choose those who will set in the seat of justice in your land. I will set one like Samuel (Kavanaugh) to rule in righteousness, one who carries conviction for truth and puts my laws in practice.
Then Deborah July 2nd 2018

3. Christine Blasey Ford has claimed that four other people attended a small gathering at which she was allegedly assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh. Three of those people, PJ Smyth, Mark Judge, and Kavanaugh, have already denied any recollection of attending such a party.
On Saturday night, Leland Ingham Keyser, a classmate of Ford’s at the all-girls school Holton-Arms and her final named witness, denied any recollection of attending a party with Brett Kavanaugh.

4. Wise words from Pat Robertson. Republicans must not allow false accusations derail the Kavanaugh nomination. Pat says the Republicans need to stand up and be counted. The 700 Club – September 24, 2018


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