The Tipping Point

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With the mid-Terms looming, America is at a tipping point. Historically and according to trends, the Democrats are very likely to take the Senate and possibly the House. Historically the President’s party have always lost the Mid-Terms, apart from three exceptional circumstances. Remember it is not about politics, it is about righteousness and God’s purposes for the States. Chuck Pierce prophesied, if the Republicans do not win the mid-Terms (correction: if Republicans do not win the Senate) Christians will face severe persecution. Trump warned 100 Evangelical Pastors, if the Republicans lose the Senate persecution will come swiftly and violently.

Persecution began under Obama with a prison sentence and heavy fines for Christians who refused to participate in gay marriages. Corruption and injustice, evident at the top levels of Government, are a taste of what is to come if Democrats regain power. This is the reality facing the mid-Term elections and why America is at a Tipping Point. They can continue to press ahead with growth gained the last three years or backslide into lawlessness and persecution. God has laid on our hearts, and many others, to Stand in the Gap and tip the scales of righteousness in God’s favour.

Tip the scales of righteousness in God’s favour

This is the third time we have been called to intercede for such a time as this. The first time was May 2015 in Moline. The Holy Spirit laid on my heart to join Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce and intercede for America. During intercession God spoke to Dutch, “The Nation has turned”. I had a witness in my spirit to that word. We were excited. Soon after Donald Trump announced his nomination. We know the outcome of that decision, a miracle for America and a tipping of the scales.

In late 2017 Dr. M prophesied saying, “Malaysia is at a tipping point”. Malaysia can tip towards righteousness and their inheritance or continue in corruption and injustice. M said Christians are the key! We prayed first for ourselves and then for the church, to walk in God’s ways. God heard our prayer and on May 10th 2018, Malaysia experienced a miracle and tipped in the direction of righteousness, removing the corrupt Najib and installing the righteous Mahathir.

God has spoken about the Mid-Terms through his prophets. Charlie Shamp prophesied the Republicans will win nine more seats in the Senate! Mark Taylor prophesied the largest turnover in Mid-Term history and Mike Thompson prophesied a win for the Republicans. Christy Johnston prophesied the Body must intercede for the media to be exposed of their lies and deception. God gave the Prayer Center a burden to “Stand in the Gap”. These are exciting times, the Presidential elections all over again! We face an impossible situation but our assignment is clear, Stand in the Gap for righteousness to reign in the States.

As the Prayer Center was interceding, I remembered the late Kim Clement’s prophecy. “CNN will have no choice but to say what I (God) want them to say!” (My words) As I began declaring this I sensed the burden of the Holy Spirit lifting and the anointing increasing. I prayed until I sensed a breakthrough. When we prayed Christy’s word, God gave us promises “Darkness in the media will be exposed, Light will come out of the White House and God will have mercy on the media”. I believe these will be keys for the Mid-Term elections. The Media has polluted the minds of people for long enough and God says it has got to stop.

Dutch Sheets called everyone to prayer for the nation. Many are praying but the call is for God’s Body, You, to “Stand in the Gap” for such a time as this. Please reschedule your timetable, we have, and set aside quality time for intercession. A miracle will not happen with casual, half hearted prayer. It will require warfare and fervent intercession to turn this situation around(Christy Johnston). For the Presidential and Malaysia elections we began interceding weeks before the elections. On the day we spent almost 24hrs continuous prayer. Is there any sin or disobedience in your life, turn from those immediately then God will answer your cry. Let’s stand with the States. Every nation will be affected if we fail.

God has already given many promises for the Mid-Terms so we don’t need to ask him for those again. For the promises he has already given, we stand in the heavenlies with Christ and declare those promises over the elections. “We pray looking down” James Goll. Where God has not given us promises, let’s be praying in faith until we hear from God. He promises to answer those who diligently seek him, Hebrews 11.6.

“We pray looking down” James Goll

Declare in faith
1. CNN will speak what God wants them to speak Kim Clement
2. Lies and deception of the Media be exposed and truth revealed Christy Johnston
3. Confusion and division among the enemies of God
4. Nine more Republican’s in the Senate Charlie Shamp
5. Republican victory in the House
6. Rick Scott for the Senate seat in Florida Ken Malone
7. Forgiveness for the Media of their lies and deception Christy Johnston

1. President Trump will be disciplined and present unified election points for the Mid-Terms
2. Christians and Republicans go out and vote regardless of obstacles
3. Hinder the enemy from voting
4. All voter fraud be exposed

Your Mid-Term Fighters
Love Tim & Faith
1. A Call to Prayer – Dutch Sheets. A well balanced view of Kavanaugh nomination and the Mid Terms with follow-up prayer points.

2. *Mark Taylor Prophecy 2018 – “Largest Turnover in Midterm History”- Mark Taylor 2018 Update

3. “The Media Giants are Falling! A Call to Militant Intercession and for the Midterms” Christy Johnston

Babylon Will Fall

Lance Wallnau first prophesied that President Trump would be as a modern-day Cyrus. The fact this dream took place in the White House is a significant sign that God is bringing forth justice in the presence of the People’s House. I believe it also represents the mid-terms. The ceremony itself points to a “holding” of the fort, a celebration as the giants fall. The Father is cleansing the lies and bringing hidden darkness to light. His hand is upon Cyrus and there will be great celebration at the ceremony of the moguls’ downfall – the midterms.

I encourage you to seize hold of this prophetic dream for the mountain of media, for the president of the US, and for the nations who have been under the siege of the media.

The Media Mountain of Babylon

Immediately, I understood what it all meant. I want to first highlight above all else, there is a key in the first sentence of that Scripture. It is a charge of the Lord to us, the Church: “Assemble yourselves, ALL of you!” It is a charge of unity to come together as one and pray and listen to what the Father is speaking, putting aside our differences and agendas for the sake of His agenda. The Chaldean astrologers in the Scripture above represent the two talk show hosts, or the media mountain, which is also “Babylon.” Note how the Father asks them, “Who among them has foretold these things?” Though the media “predicts” they cannot see what the Father is doing.

The fact that there were two talk show hosts in my dream conveys another insight. The number two in Hebrew means division and separation. Prophetically speaking, I believe this could signify that there will be a division between media giants that will cause their very downfall. A separation of the ranks, so to speak, will break their associations and agreements. And just as Jehoshaphat watched his enemies fight amongst themselves, we will begin to watch as their own confusion they have caused will descend within their walls.

4. Ken Malone August 23 at 6:06 AM
2018 Mid Term Elections—a Message to the Praying Ekklesia of Florida
In December of 2015 I heard the Lord say, “Senator Bill Nelson can be defeated in 2018 and I want Rick Scott to run.” Since then, I have prayed for Scott’s campaign for this U.S. Senate seat. This is not a done deal, but God revealing His desire to replace Nelson with a man who prays and is God fearing.

If Florida steps up and intercedes we could see Nelson defeated and another conservative will be in place to confirm a conservative justice. I have already been to D.C. to pray over the Senate race. I plan to go again. I want to urge you to do your part. Pray, Pray, Pray and then pray some more. Then when it’s time to vote step up again and vote for a conservative to fill the Senate seat.

5. John Kilpatrick issued a prophetic warning and we must pray and intercede for President Trump like NEVER BEFORE!

Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018 John Kilpatrick preached at his church in Alabama and then prophesied some things at the end that are very, very important and we as intercessors MUST PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP.


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