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I strongly encourage everyone to be praying for the SC nomination. We must stand with the States on this, “You are the Body”. This is critically important for the States and will determine righteous laws for the next forty years. Kavanaugh is renowned for his accurate interpretation of the Constitution, America’s moral compass. We all know what happens when people lose their moral compass; same sex marriage, common bathrooms, convictions from false accusations, persecution, etc. Chuck Pierce’s prophecy of severe persecution if the Republicans lose the Senate is true.

You are the Body

I prayed throughout the Kavanaugh Ford hearing and God gave me two promises; truth will prevail and justice will be done. The prayer center is standing on these promises and declaring these in faith. By the time you read this the FBI will have completed their report and given it to Trump. We believe the FBI will find the truth and lies will be exposed. We believe justice will be done in the Senate and Kavanaugh will be elected as God promised.

We empathise with Ford because we have also suffered trauma, not sexual, in our teen years. Faith was a suicidal 15 year old kid when she became a Christian and I can still remember sitting in a party, paralysed with fear for two hours. We do not wish trauma on anyone but I am becoming more suspicious that Ford is not telling the truth. Her best girlfriend, whom Ford claims was at the party, says she has never met Kavanaugh. All the witnesses she claims were at the party, can not remember such a party.

Key details like how she got to and from the party, Ford can not remember. According to Rachel Mitchell, experienced sex assault prosecutor who questioned Ford, this raises serious questions about her testimony. Mitchell says Ford’s testimony is so weak the FBI would not get a search warrant to search the scene of the crime! From someone experienced in this kind of crime, that speaks volumes. Mitchell’s report says Ford’s testimony is weaker than simply a conflict of testimony between two people. Her testimony would not stand in court.

In the handwritten Polygraph statement, Ford writes that “there were 4 boys and a couple of girls” at the party. (Aug 7th) but in Ford’s letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., in July, Ford gave a different tally, writing that the gathering “included me and 4 others.” Why the change? Why is this important? It will require some thinking to unravel this but follow my argument and you’ll see why I think Ford added the extra person.

Originally Ford said there were five people in the house, Ford, Keyser, Kavanaugh, Judge and PJ. These five are teenagers so live with their parent’s. Second, all these teenagers live outside the area where Ford claimed the rape(corrction. I should have written attempted rape) took place therefore it was not at their house or in the wrong area! Third the houses description would have to match one of the five houses! Did one of those teenager’s homes have two storeys, where the bedroom was directly opposite the bathroom and at the top of the stairs? Next, one of these four people would have brought her to the house but Ford claimed she could not remember how she got there. Surely if she remembered who was in the house she would remember which one of these four took her to the house! Also she claimed she could not remember how she got home. It would be a 20 min drive or a 1 1/2 to 2 hr walk home! Wouldn’t her parents be suspicious if she, 15 years old, got home so late? Experts say Ford, even though traumatised, would be able to remember how she got to and from the party.

Therefore with only five people at the party, Ford’s story is easy to check and prove false. But what if she added another person whom she couldn’t remember? A mystery person! That would be the perfect, unproveable story like quite a lot of her story. The house could also be the unknown person’s because all the others live outside the claimed area, the mystery person could also be the one who drove her to the party, and maybe got her home again! Is this why Ford added an extra person to her original story? Did someone point out this inconvenient truth before she took the Polygraph test? I have to ask the question, “Is Ford lying?”

Also Ford’s best friend, Leland Keyser says she does not know Kavanaugh and cannot remember the party. Ford claimed Kavanaugh was at the party when she arrived and Kavanaugh was very drunk. Therefore with only three other people at the party, Keyser would have met Kavanaugh and known him. Is Ford lying?

I’m not an expert in reading body language but when Mitchell asked Ford, did she know the Republicans offered to question her privately, she immediately looked at the Senate Democrats and kept looking at them. Then she motioned to her lawyers and said, it was a group decision to come to DC. Did her lawyers and Senators know the best way for Mitchell to find the truth was to have a one on one interview, not a public interview in five minute increments. Ford’s lawyer Katz, experienced sex assault lawyer, would know. I noticed the look on Ford’s lawyers eyes, he was petrified at Mitchell’s questions. We do counselling and know to ask the right questions and read the meaning behind what people are saying. Mitchell was sharp, very sharp and asked excellent, probing questions. She really knew her stuff. I noticed how intently she was looking at Ford near the beginning of questioning. She was looking for the real meaning behind what Ford was saying and possibly questioning Ford’s truthfulness and that terrified her lawyer.

This is a long newsletter but I hope you get the picture. The Kavanaugh Ford hearing looks more and more like a sham, or “Con” as Trump says. Also people are innocent until proven guilty but the Democrats kept saying Kavanaugh must prove his innocence. Sorry guys you’ve got the law back to front. All Americans should be afraid of this. Also the Democrat Senators said Ford’s testimony is credible. Credible of what? It is possible she was sexually assaulted, that may be credible. For the rest there is nothing credible whatsoever. When Senators can not see that obvious truth, it is time to get out of the Democratic party and vote for Republicans.

Innocent until proven guilty

The upshot of all this is, Republicans are fired up to go and vote in the Mid-Terms. Twenty percent of voters chose Trump because of the Supreme Court. In the five swing States there is an upsurge of interest to go out and vote. Democrats are going to lose those States for sure. Shamp prophesied Republicans will win nine more seats in the Senate, so let’s keep declaring this over the Mid-Terms.

I’m now focusing my prayers on Kavanaugh’s family and the Mid-Terms. The Kavanaugh’s have received death threats and Brett is being called a gang rapist! That will be extremely painful for a person who devoted his life to serving the country with honour and distinction. We know what it is like to be criticised and rejected for doing right, it is almost unbearable. On one occasion Faith wanted to go home but praise God she was strong and persevered. Praise God, Kavanaugh is not going to give into rumors and false accusations but persevere until he sits on the Supreme Court. Let’s be praying for Brett and the family.

Please pray

1. Truth about Ford’s accusations be made clear

2. All lies about Ford’s accusations be exposed

3. Justice be done to vote for Kavanaugh in the Senate

4. Republican Senators be galvanised to do what is right and not compromise

5. Comfort and healing for the Kavanaugh family

6. God’s peace and joy to fill the family’s hearts

7. Satan’s fiery arrows can not penetrate the Kavanaugh’s hearts


You’re getting ready for Mid-Term intercessors

Love Tim & Faith


1. Ford’s polygraph

Lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party more than three decades ago, on Wednesday released the results of a polygraph examination she took Aug. 7 — but a key detail in the report appears to contradict Ford’s past claims.


2. Rachel Mitchell conclusions

Mitchell’s conclusion after both Ford and Kavanaugh testified before the Judiciary Committee was that no “reasonable prosecutor would bring this case based on the evidence.”


3. Key battle ground States

A new round of Fox News battleground polls shows a Republican trend in the fight for the U.S. Senate. The GOP candidates are helped by increased interest in the election among Republicans and pro-Donald Trump sentiment.

There’s been an uptick in GOP interest in all five states surveyed. Compared to early September, the number of Republicans feeling “extremely” interested in the upcoming election is up by 2 points in Arizona, up by 9 points in Indiana, up 8 points in both Missouri and North Dakota, and up 11 points in Tennessee. In each state, Republicans are now just as likely as Democrats to say they are extremely interested — erasing an edge Democrats had in several states last month.

The mainstream media has rushed to turn over every dirty rock, stone and pebble they can think of that might put Judge Kavanaugh in a negative light while they downplayed, or ignored, the numerous discrepancies in Professor Ford’s account,” Fleischer said. “They’ve basically given her a pass.”



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