Soul of the Nation

Soul of the Nation

George Washington was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and presided at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. He urged tolerance for all religions and was famously eulogized as “first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen”. This is the soul America. Dutch Sheets says we are fighting for the soul of the nation in the mid-Terms! I agree.

The accusations, lies, and anger in the Kavanaugh Ford hearings was a reflection of America’s condition! What kind of nation do we want? No one wants the Clinton, Holder or Booker version. They are going in the direction of the French Revolution where false accusations and violence ruled. God has spoken through Mark Taylor (fireman prophet) and Mark Thompson of a huge turnover in the elections. Charles Shamp has a specific word, “Nine more seats for the Republicans in the Senate!” God says we will have a miracle where he will do the impossible again. The Holy Spirit has given us and Dutch Sheets new guidance. So let’s be strong in faith as we intercede for the soul of the nation.

James was clear, faith without works is dead, James 2:17. The Pharisees had great faith, but Jesus rebuked them because they did not have the works of Abraham. Let’s not be like the Pharisees but be like Jesus who paid the price and stood in the gap for us. Daniel fasted three weeks to get insight and wisdom from God. Esther and Israel fasted three days to save their lives. Jesus prayed fervently for three hours to confirm his father’s will and gain strength for the cross. The Church prayed for days to deliver Peter out of jail. How much prayer is needed to save a nation?

Christy Johnston prophesied saying the Body must cry out to God. There was unprecedented intercession for the 2016 Presidential elections and we will need the same fervent faithful prayers this time. Lou Engle “The Call”, Frank Amedia “POTUS Shield”, Dutch Sheet and Chuck Pierce “Giants Will Fall”, Jennifer LeClaire “Underground Intercessor United” and many others are focused on interceding for the mid-Terms. Let’s stand together, together we are stronger.

Let’s stand together, Together we are stronger!

The danger to America’s soul was painfully obvious in the SC nomination. It appears lies and false accusations could have derailed a man of excellence. I became suspicious of Ford when she testified about her fear of flying. Ford said she struggled for days but with the help from friends, flew to DC for the hearing. During the hearing, Rachel Mitchell asked Ford if she flew to so many places for holidays, to her mother’s funeral, for work and to DC for the hearing. Suddenly Ford sat up straight, was on high alert and changed her baby voice to an adult voice. Then she smiled and said in an adult voice, yes unfortunately! I was suspicious of her sudden change in body language and voice. A former boyfriend testified Ford flew often, she also flew in small propeller driven planes and didn’t show any fear. That is one witness, are there any more? No one has come forward to confirm Ford’s statements but people are beginning to refute her testimony!

Most women who are abused are speaking the truth so it is essential we take their story seriously. However there are some who make false accusations. We know a nation where devoted followers were falsely accused. Thousands jumped out windows and threw themselves off buildings. The trauma carried down to the second generation and we have seen the effects first hand. A nation was destroyed and two generations were traumatised. The Bible says, diligently prove a matter and have two or three witnesses. Praise God false accusations did not derail the SC nomination. Trump says the liability laws need strengthening, I agree. No nation wants to go down that road. As God promised, justice prevailed. America was saved from an enormous tragedy but we can see what is going to happen if the Republicans lose the mid-Terms!

I believe honesty in the media is key to successful elections. Christy Johnston’s prophecy is clear, the media will be exposed for their lies and deception. Ford has no witnesses, her best friend and most important witness testified she does not know Kavanaugh! Ford says she cannot remember how she got to and from the party but experts say, victims would remember those details (especially if they have a PhD!). Since the hearing, no one has come forward to corroborate Ford’s story. On the contrary 200 women are willing to testify about Kavanaugh’s respect and treatment of women. What a contrast! However the media painted a totally different picture. In the Kavanaugh Ford inquiry several media outlets spent 300 mins covering Ford’s statements yet only 20 mins for Kavanaugh! The media must be brought down and truth prevail.

The upshot of the Kavanaugh Ford hearing, Republicans are outraged and more determined to go out and vote. This is key for success in the elections because most people are apathetic about mid-Terms. There has been a ten point increase amoung Republicans who are motivated to vote. 75% of Americans believe Feinstein was wrong to withhold Ford’s complaint. The devil overplayed his hand, just like he did on Calvary. However we must keep praying for Republicans to go out and vote. We must also pray Republicans contact their Senators and government offices to express their support and views. Faith without works is dead.

Some people are concerned the division in America will lead to civil war. They may be correct but this does not need to happen. With Clinton, Holder, Booker and others calling for uncivil behavior and getting in people’s faces, lawlessness will increase and life will become intolerable. Imagine not being able to go to your favourite restaurant or being shot at when playing baseball! No nation needs that kind of behaviour.

Malaysia set a good example. One reporter said, on Election day Malaysia experienced two miracles. First, the opposition won against all odds. Second, the transition of power was not violent. Ps. Chiew (senior Pastor of SIB) had a word, pray for forgiveness amoung the political parties. I believe that was key to a peaceful transition. As I was praying about this the Holy Spirit gave me a burden, all parties in the mid-Terms will forgive past, present and future offenses. Jennifer LeClaire’s “Underground Intercessors United” agree with my guidance so let’s stand together on this!

Last week during the “Giants Will Fall” intercession, Dutch Sheets (correction: one of the Prophets) had a word. If the intercessors of America rise up and pray for the body of Christ in the States, God will raise up the Church and transform it. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is clear, it is the people called by God’s name who are responsible for the nation. We need to stop blaming the government and non-Christians. They are not the problem. The problem is us because we have not chosen the hard and narrow road. When we turn from our sins, God will heal the land. This is what we did in Malaysia. First John M called the intercessors to repent then we prayed for the Church to turn. This is God’s principle to heal a nation!

The last time I watched Charles Shamp on Facebook, he was on day seven of a full fast! This is the kind of commitment that will gain nine more seats in the Senate and keep the House. We will be praying throughout the night until the results come in. From our forty years of experience, this is the kind of commitment which turns the impossible into the possible. Jesus taught the Apostles to pray with focus, be fervent, be faithful and have faith, then they will get the answer (Luke 18). Nothing less is needed to save America’s soul.

Pray with focus, be fervent, be faithful and have faith for the answer

Charles Shamp says, do not go beyond what God is saying. So far God has said, Rick Scott for the Senate in Florida, nine more Republican seats in the Senate, the Media will be exposed but find mercy, intercessors will stand in the gap for the body in America and forgiveness by all parties. God may want to clean out some Republicans and bring in new ones, I don’t know, so we won’t be praying beyond what God has said.

This prayer letter is longer than normal because I wanted to cover everything for a successful election. I hope you catch my heart for the States. Will America be ruled by false accusations, anger and hate, or truth, love and justice for all! Dutch is correct, this election is for the soul of the nation. God has great promises for the States so it is critical we stand in the gap, together we are strong!

Let’s pray


God has already given many Christians the following promises so we don’t need to ask for these again. We use our authority, and in faith declare these promises over the States until you have a personal confirmation!

Declare in faith

  1. Nine more Republican Senate seats
  2. Rick Scott win the Florida Senate seat
  3. All political parties forgive past, present and future offenses
  4. Intercessors of America rise up and intercede for the body
  5. Lies and deception in the media be exposed and the Media be brought down
  6. God’s mercy toward the Media
  7. CNN will have no choice but to say what God wants them to say

Pray in faith, asking God for the following

  1. Republicans win the House
  2. Trump be disciplined and present a consistent message when campaigning
  3. Pastors encourage people to go out and vote
  4. Republicans get out and vote
  5. People vote for truth, love and righteousness
  6. The enemy’s wheels run heavy on polling day
  7. All voter fraud be exposed and eliminated


Your mid-Term intercessors

Love Tim & Faith


  1. A Call to Prayer – Dutch Sheets. A well balanced view of Kavanaugh nomination and the Mid Terms with follow-up prayer points.


  1. Mark Taylor Prophecy 2018 – “Largest Turnover in Midterm History”- Mark Taylor 2018 Update


  1. “The Media Giants are Falling! A Call to Militant Intercession and for the Midterms” Christy Johnston

Babylon Will Fall

Lance Wallnau first prophesied that President Trump would be as a modern-day Cyrus. The fact this dream took place in the White House is a significant sign that God is bringing forth justice in the presence of the People’s House. I believe it also represents the mid-terms. The ceremony itself points to a “holding” of the fort, a celebration as the giants fall. The Father is cleansing the lies and bringing hidden darkness to light. His hand is upon Cyrus and there will be great celebration at the ceremony of the moguls’ downfall – the midterms.

I encourage you to seize hold of this prophetic dream for the mountain of media, for the president of the US, and for the nations who have been under the siege of the media.

The Media Mountain of Babylon

Immediately, I understood what it all meant. I want to first highlight above all else, there is a key in the first sentence of that Scripture. It is a charge of the Lord to us, the Church: “Assemble yourselves, ALL of you!” It is a charge of unity to come together as one and pray and listen to what the Father is speaking, putting aside our differences and agendas for the sake of His agenda. The Chaldean astrologers in the Scripture above represent the two talk show hosts, or the media mountain, which is also “Babylon.” Note how the Father asks them, “Who among them has foretold these things?” Though the media “predicts” they cannot see what the Father is doing.

The fact that there were two talk show hosts in my dream conveys another insight. The number two in Hebrew means division and separation. Prophetically speaking, I believe this could signify that there will be a division between media giants that will cause their very downfall. A separation of the ranks, so to speak, will break their associations and agreements. And just as Jehoshaphat watched his enemies fight amongst themselves, we will begin to watch as their own confusion they have caused will descend within their walls.


  1. Ken Malone August 23 at 6:06 AM

2018 Mid Term Elections—a Message to the Praying Ekklesia of Florida

In December of 2015 I heard the Lord say, “Senator Bill Nelson can be defeated in 2018 and I want Rick Scott to run.” Since then, I have prayed for Scott’s campaign for this U.S. Senate seat. This is not a done deal, but God revealing His desire to replace Nelson with a man who prays and is God fearing.

If Florida steps up and intercedes we could see Nelson defeated and another conservative will be in place to confirm a conservative justice. I have already been to D.C. to pray over the Senate race. I plan to go again. I want to urge you to do your part. Pray, Pray, Pray and then pray some more. Then when it’s time to vote step up again and vote for a conservative to fill the Senate seat.


  1. John Kilpatrick issued a prophetic warning and we must pray and intercede for President Trump like NEVER BEFORE!

Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018 John Kilpatrick preached at his church in Alabama and then prophesied some things at the end that are very, very important and we as intercessors MUST PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP.



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