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Two weeks ago we joined Dutch Sheets “Giants will Fall” intercession for the States. Dutch (correction: one of the Prophets spoke this word) was given a word, 2 Chronicles 7:14. If the intercessors pray for the Church of America to repent, God will move in the mid-Terms. Dutch, Rick Joyner, Pat Robertson and many others are clear, the Church is responsible for the nation.

Chuck Pierce has warned the Church, if Republicans lose the Senate severe persecution will follow. The mid-Terms are America’s tipping point where they can tip towards righteousness or towards evil. In 1995 Chuck was given a warning for Oklahoma City. God told Chuck something terrible was going to happen but if the Church interceded, the crisis would be avoided. Sadly the Church did not respond and the following week Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 people and injuring hundreds. God warns through his Prophets, the Church must respond.

God has promised the States will continue towards righteousness and love, if we intercede for the Church. It will happen if we take this responsibility seriously and do not give up. Let’s stand together, together we are stronger.

Let’s stand together, Together we are stronger

I have listened to prophecies and followed events in the States for many years and have been extremely concerned with the nation’s moral decline. Dutch says, “You have to be blind to not know America is in real trouble”, “America will face another round of judgement if the Church does not pray”.

When God disciplined Israel he began with warnings through the prophets. If Israel did not respond he sent natural disasters, 2 Chronicles 7:13. If for that they would not listen, he took the hedge of protection away allowing the enemy to strike, Isaiah 9:12. If for that they did not heed the warnings and calamities, financial collapse came. But if for all this the people refused to turn, then he allowed the enemy to overtake the country. Paul warned the Church at Corinth not to follow Israel’s example otherwise they would suffer the same fate. God’s principle of justice and judgement has not changed in the New Testament.

It is clear, September 11th 2001 was God’s second round of discipline on America, Jonathan Cann “The Harbinger”, Dutch Sheets, Pat Robertson. By 2015 is was clear God’s people had not turned and God warned America they will suffer a third round of discipline/judgement, economic depression. Rick Joyner and Pat Robertson prophesied America will have an economic depression in 2015. I have written several newsletters warning Christians to get out of debt and walk uprightly so they will avoid the hardship. When Dutch led the “Appeal to Heaven” intercession in Moline, May 2015, we prayed with them, knowing the nation’s condition and that this was a critical appeal.

That night was one of the most amazing and significant times in our forty years of intercession. That night in Moline we witnessed God saying, “America HAS turned”. God was not giving more promises to America. He was saying, the nation has already turned, past tense. As the prophets and Christians interceded in Moline, God heard our prayers and answered.

America HAS turned

This turning confirms God’s word, there are enough Christians in America who have repented and walking in God’s ways, so now God will heal the land. The following month Donald Trump announced he was running for President. Through the Prophets, God gave a promise Trump would revive the economy. America was spared the third round of discipline. The depression did not happen and the American economy has begun to recover under Trump.

Now we face another critical moment, the mid-Terms! Again, it will depend on the Church turning to God in humility and repentance. For the mid-Terms, the Church must go to a new level in love, obedience and righteousness, then we will see the land healed, Republicans will win nine more seats in the Senate, they will keep the House and a red wave will sweep the Nation. These are God’s promises so let’s stand with the States.

Let’s pray God’s people will

1. Humble themselves

2. Pray

3. Seek God’s face

4. Turn from their wicked ways

5. Pastors and leaders will teach and preach repentance from sin

We have found in our own lives, our families and ministry, when we follow these simple steps God follows with signs and wonders, healing people and the land. Let’s stand together.

Your standing ones

Love Tim & Faith


1. Derek Prince Foundation Series “Repentance, Faith, Faith and Works”


2. Jonathan Cann “The Harbinger”. Dutch Sheets, Pat Robertson, Rick Joyner agree and are clear, the Church is responsible for the nation, 2 Chronicles 7:14. (watch video)

3. May 2015 in Moline, God heard our prayers and answered. America has turned (watch video)


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