The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

(I have made some corrections to this blog, It was messy and confusing so I hope it is clearer now) 

Why did Mueller (and his team) not make a decision on obstruction? The truth has come out.

Before Mueller’s first press conference, Mueller three times (correction; to AG Barr with witnesses) the OLC law was not the basis of his decision. During the hearing he changed that and said, yes the OLC was the reason he did not indict!

One Senator asked Mueller, you made a decision not to indict Trump over collusion. The OLC law didn’t prevent you from making that decision! Why then would the OLC prevent you from making a decision on obstruction! Mueller was tongue tied and could not answer!

In the afternoon he then clarified that statement saying, “we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime.” Mueller’s report says, “We did not address the issue of the President’s conduct as a crime because of difficult questions of law”, i.e. the OLC law or other possible laws. Trey Gowdy says lawyers use those words when they don’t have enough evidence of a crime.

I believe Mueller will not use the exact word OLC but is twisting and using words to confuse and mislead people. He doesn’t have enough evidence to indict but wants the narrative to continue into 2020 and affect Trump’s election. (Basically Mueller’s decision is sitting on the fence, not making a decision either way. AG Barr said Mueller could have made a decision)

We saw the same thing when Mueller made critical statements about Trump just before an important EU meeting and the Vietnam summit with Kim! Mueller has been influencing public opinion through this investigation.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth has come out. Let’s celebrate.

Pray and do not faint!

Let’s keep praying for AG Barr and Durham, to find the truth about the FISA warrant and the origin of the Trump Russia investigation. They need strength, courage and insight but as Cindy Jacobs prophesied, this investigation will bring down “The Deep State”. More and more incriminating evidence comes out each day. Pray and do not faint!

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