Omicron cases milder than Delta

Dr. McCullough followed the science predicting Delta would be weaker than Alpha. He says the Omicron variant will be weaker than previous variants because the spike protein is very mutated. I would trust Dr. McCullough’s view.

African doctors say Omicron symptoms are much weaker than Delta. However extremist Governments and tyrants are trying to keep their agenda alive by making people afraid of Omicron. Be careful not fearful!

It will take a few weeks to have evidence of Omicron’s severity so be careful of errant Government officials and fake media.

Keep spreading the news: vaccines are not protecting us from Covid, vaccines are causing enormous deaths, Delta is weaker than the common flu and treatments are hugely successful

OAN: DeSantis also cited South African doctors who identified the new variant as saying all its cases have been mild and none of the patients required hospitalization.

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