God is exposing

Elon is wanting an open and transparent platform for the People to discuss and share their thoughts. He asked Twitter for the data behind the number of users but Twitter refused.

Elon’s survey finds Twitter may have over 20% fake users! This exposes Twitter’s possible fraudulent behaviour in covering up the truth.

It also exposes Twitter’s censoring of conservatives and the truth by far left idealist staff. I am shocked President Trump is banned yet extreme left wingers, promoting death, continue on the platform.

Hank Kunneman prophesied, “God is exposing followed by restoring” so let’s keep standing with the States. Christie Johnson prophesied God is bringing down fake media.

OAN: put his acquisition of Twitter on hold over the dispute about the number of fake accounts. He has since suggested that he may buy Twitter for less than the originally reported $44 billion, while asserting at least 20 percent of Twitter accounts are inauthentic.

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