Was Parler closed because of content?

Facebook and Twitter have far more violent and threatening content than Parler. More left wing protestors posted plans of violence toward the Jan 6th Trump meeting and only one right wing group was on Parler. Was Parler closed because Trump joined?

Declare fake media (including social media) fall, turn and report the truth

NewsMax: Mark Meckler, the interim CEO of social media platform Parler, speaks out about alleged censorship, how the company feels about large web services and ‘big tech,’ the difference between free speech and ‘MORE’ speech, welcoming everyone from all political leanings to the platform, the first amendment, what the platform has done in its absence, whether or not former president Trump will make an account on the platform, and more. – via Wake Up America with Rob Finnerty and Rachel Rollar, weekdays at 6:30AM ET on Newsmax TV

Gab news reports Twitter hypocrisy

GabNews: We are documenting millions of illegal posts in our Liberal Hate Machine project which shows just how much hatred and bile is spewed on Twitter, one of our most major competitors. We have been collecting and analyzing over 100 million tweets in the replies section of President Trump’s Twitter account for about a year. We applied sentiment analysis to detect violent and hateful replies. Wait until you see what we found.
It’s interesting that Twitter remains online and has access to App Stores and Gab does not. The reason is clear: Big Tech has no principles other than its desire to serve the interests of the radical left and the Democratic Party. They can’t say it out loud so they say it with their actions

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