Americans do not trust main stream media

Fake media ratings continue to drop as Americans become more discerning and seek truth. FoxNews ratings however, continue to grow as the People see truth being reported.

I used to watch main stream media for comparison until I found they were not telling the truth. When a reporter stands in front of a police station burning to the ground and says, “We have a peaceful protest”, you know they out of touch with reality and dishonest.

Keep declaring fake media fall, turn and tell the truth according toprophecies, “The moguls have fallen!” (Christy Johnston), “CNN will have no choice but to say what God wants them to say!” (the late Kim Clement)

FoxNews: A divided America is united in its distrust of the media: Trey Gowdy

Jul. 24, 2022 – 4:09 – ‘Sunday Night in America’ host addresses country’s ‘disdain and distrust’ for the media in his opening monologue over the weekend.

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