NZs Ardern resigns suddenly, drawing speculation!

Very few people knew of PM Ardern’s resignation, then add to the controversy she announces the election date!

Former PM Clark says it was hatred and vitriol which pushed her to leave. Certainly she is extremely unpopular but politicians generally have thick skin.

Ryan Bridge news reporter says, it’s because of dropping poll numbers and she wants to get out before she fails. We wonder why her numbers are dropping?

Is it for not keeping her word on lockdowns, mandates, job losses, v@x passports and the “Three Waters” policy?

Then there were the multiple “safe and effective” v@x statements for almost two years, despite being confronted with the evidence of high deaths and breakthrough cases.

Maybe the lack of transparency mentioned by MP Sharma saying, the PM is trying to avoid Freedom of Information Requests. Other untrue statements were also uttered.

When she visited Auckland, crowds chanted “Liar Ardern!” I have never heard the public treat a PM so disrespectfully. As Christians we must not bring a railing accusation against dignitaries but PM Ardern must understand, people do not like being lied to!

Maybe it is the 30,000 businesses destroyed and 100,000 people unemployed by her foolish lockdowns that made her so disliked and unpopular. All these problems she has brought on herself, you can’t blame the public for responding like humans.

With all the destruction her actions caused, it is obvious people will be angry, feel betrayed and deeply hurt. Polls drop naturally under such circumstances and people get angry. Noone likes being abused.

Then there were many political misteps plus it appears the PM was losing control of her Party through MP Mahuta. As Christians we must keep a right attitude and pray she will repent.

People are becoming informed so there is no where to hide. The wheels are falling off the Globalist’s bus and PM Ardern is another addition to their growing list.

Her surprise resignation drew speculation about what drove her to resign with former Prime Minister Helen Clark partly blaming social media hatred and vitriol.

Ryan Bridge said the polls had consistently shown support for Ardern was dropping and her decision to leave makes sense.

Ryan Bridge disagreed, saying the outgoing Prime Minister’s drop in popularity would have played a much bigger role.

Morten didn’t doubt some of the threats made against Ardern and her family on social media would’ve taken a toll.

Ardern has kept her reasoning for leaving the top job generic, telling media she simply had nothing left in the tank.

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