NZ PM Ardern given Covid death facts

PM Arden continues to say the vaccines are safe and effective. Neither are true. NZ doctors speaking up with science are providing the PM with the facts!

The vaccines are the most dangerous ever produced with over 19,000 deaths (VAERS). Effectiveness reported by Israeli MOH says, 61% of fully vaccinated and 51% of boosted are getting Delta.

Keep speaking the truth in love, truth always wins, give the facts

TRN: Ardern was sent a database providing information about deaths of more than 70 New Zealanders who had died after receiving Pfizer’s Covid shot. (The letter also advised Ardern that there were 100 more post-jab deaths in NZ that required investigation.)

(For context, from between 1 January 2000 and June 2019, CARM – the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring – has received on average only two or three reports per year relating to deaths following vaccination.)

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