The God reset

Ps. Hank Kunneman prophesied in 2022 saying, there will be great heat as a sign, elitists want to reset the nation but God is turning up the heat and is having a divine reset.

God spoke there will be three great signs, rain in drought areas, snow measured in feet and disruption of communications. On Nov 27th 2022 rain came in drought stricken areas of California, later snow fell measured in feet and then disruption of communications grounding planes.

All these are signs God is resetting the US and the nations. After all the hardship we have been through the last three years, God’s goodness is coming in 2023.

Let’s be strong in faith declaring God’s goodness over our families, business, church and nation.

watch video at 12mins

FlashPoint: Revival & Prophetic Update (January 19th 2023)

Published on January 19, 2023

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