Ambulance figures do not lie

St John’s ambulance figures from NZ show many vaccine injuries are serious. Why does PM Jacinda Arden continue to lie saying vaccines are safe.

DailyTelegraph: the 46,000 adverse effect cases reported to Medsafe following Covid vaccination, 8,500 were for chest pain and 5,000 for breathing difficulties. Medsafe estimates that only 5% of adverse effects are recorded in its system. The St John figures indicate that contrary to Medsafe’s assertion that these conditions were non-serious, a great many were serious enough to warrant an ambulance call out.

The vaccine adverse effect categories increased by 17,000 cases. The large rises in chest pain (up 6,102—+15.5%) and breathing problems (up 5,195—+14.4%) correspond to increased cases of myocarditis and pericarditis. It is to be noted that the St John figures are for those sufficiently ill to warrant the call of an ambulance. Generally ambulance cases involve people who are seriously ill and in need of urgent attention.

Figures for suicide (up 30%) which are believed to be related to the effect of lockdowns were recorded in 2021.

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