Spying on a President!

This is a bombshell week, exposing two crimes of an astounding magnitude.

First President Trump was spied on, by Clinton, during his Presidency which I think could be treason. The person who did the spying is now National Security Advisor. That’s scarey. People must go to prison.

Then Dinesh Dsouza exposes election fraud in Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania changing the results of the 2020 elections. Dinesh shows through videos and phone tracking, 2,000 mules stuffing illegal ballots into drop boxes, taking selfies then disposing of their gloves.

What is most astounding, we knew before the election this would happen when unelected officials changed the election laws illegally and used compromised machines. Then with all this, RINOS sat back and watched. The People must hold these officials accountable and resolve everything before Biden does any more destruction.

The elections must be decertified and held again because the fraud also affects the Senate race in Georgia. A time of reckoning for the corrupt and evil Deep State has begun.

Keep declaring the Deep State hang on their own gallows, whistleblowers be protected, election fraudsters be indicted and the rightful winners of 2020 installed

OAN: congressman Devin Nunes says the findings outlined in the recent Durham court filing are “astonishing.”

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