Devin Nunes on Durham findings

Devin Nunes was the first to report corruption in the Obama administration, identifing politicians and Deep State actors spying on President Trump and his administration.

Sen. Nunes was only able to find circumstantial evidence which unfortunately does not win a case in court. People were frustrated when evidence was revealed but it appeared nothing was happening.

Sen Gowdy, prosecutor extraordinary, said you do not want to take a case to court if you cannot win! Good advice. Then Sen. Gowdy said something profound, “But one day they will make a mistake then we will have them”. A true statement.

So we continued to declare God’s promises, the Deep State will hang on their own gallows, knowing one day these people will make a mistake.

Durham’s prosecutions are very specific, Sussmann lied to the FBI and Clinton’s staff hacked President Trump’s WH computer. Durham has the hard evidence so let’s pray and declare successful prosecutions.

We do not know how much more evidence Durham has but it concerns me the corrupt AG, DOJ and FBI could scuttle the process.

Declare the Deep State hang on their own gallows, clarity and wisdom for Durham to prosecute successfully, all other actors involved in these crimes be indicted

FoxNews: Feb. 20, 2022 – 11:20 – Trump Media & Technology Group CEO and former Rep. Devin Nunes discusses the recent Durham findings and former President Trump’s new social media platform ‘Truth Social.’

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