Dam About to Burst!

Deep State May 13 Dam Bursting

When Comey announced Clinton would not be prosecuted over her e-mail, everyone knew something was seriously wrong. After Trump was elected and the Mueller collusion investigation began, Americans were even more concerned about “The Deep State”. Cindy Jacobs prophesied, the Mueller investigation will be like Haman and hang on their own gallows. Lance Wallnau noted June 6th 2018 was Haman’s anniversary. We prayed Haman would hang that day.

One day before the anniversary, texts indicate Strzok and Page were trying to arrange foreign spies to undermine Trump’s presidential campaign as early as December 2015. Then on Haman’s anniversary, NYPost reported Obama lied multiple times to Congress about the Iranian deal. A sign? Perjury is a criminal offense carrying a one year prison sentence. Remember the athlete!

Since then texts and revelations have been coming in fast. The Awan case, big increase of unmasking Trump associates during the Presidential campaign and more. Keep reading, it is revelatory but almost none of this is reported by the liberal media.

Americans were looking for justice to be done when Inspector General (IG) Horowitz gave his report on the Clinton e-mails. At the conclusion of his report Horwitz said, agent’s bias did not affect decisions made by the FBI. The head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, then repeated the IG’s comments! People were shocked. How could the person responsible for investigating the justice system and the person in charge of FBI, not see the extreme bias affecting the decisions? Congressman Gowdy, lifetime prosecutor, said they were the most bias determined decisions he had ever seen. Judge Jeanine Pirro, former prosecutor, says the same thing. There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence against Clinton. Judge Jeanine says she has sentenced criminals with less circumstantial evidence. See if you can pick the differences between DOJ/FBI Clinton and Trump treatment!

Facts we know so far. Clinton had 87 classified and secret e-mails on her server, one was sent from within a hostile country. One lawyer counted 13 felonies punishable with prison (remember the sailor!), after one year of investigation there has been no evidence Pres. Trump colluded with the Russians. Loretta Lynch did not appoint a special counsel on Clinton, Trump was appointed hard hitting Mueller and Weismann. Comey drafted an exoneration letter before interviewing Clinton and 17 key witnesses, Trump has no exoneration letter before the Russian investigation.

Clinton’s IT worker lied about destroying subpoenaed e-mails, Trump campaign associate gave a wrong date and was charged with lying. Under Lynch Clinton lawyers and aids were given carefully crafted agreements to limit the search of their computers, under Rosenstein a Trump associate was raided early morning using guns and then put in solitary confinement (tactics used by Nazis and reserved for hardened criminals). No recording of the Clinton and 17 key witness’s interviews, proper recording of Trump associates by Mueller. FBI agent’s text saying they cannot find Clinton guilty over her e-mail because that would allow Trump to become President, FBI agents texting they would stop Donald Trump from becoming President. Did you notice any bias affecting FBI decisions?

If you found seven decisions affected by bias, well done! Christopher Wray, head of the FBI, couldn’t. Neither could IG Horowitz. Congressman Grassley listed many more decisions than what I have written. Gowdy and Pirro say there is a strong bias affecting FBI decisions. By now Americans should be more than deeply concerned, they should be utterly shocked by the double standards. Rick Joyner is enraged. Despite all this, Clinton, Brennan, Comey and others have not been charged, the five bias FBI agents are still employed and the Mueller investigation continues to drag on!

Of course “The Deep State” is dragging the process out hoping the Democrats will win mid-term elections and then this whole thing can be swept under the carpet, Clinton won’t be prosecuted and Pres. Trump will be impeached. Sorry guys but God has spoken, the Republicans are going to win the mid-terms big time. We live in interesting times so intercessors, keep praying.

God has spoken, “The Deep State” will hang on their own gallows. One word from God could end this situation. Many years ago New Zealand faced a crisis where workers at the NZ Pulp and Paper mill went on strike. It was costing NZ millions each day. The Holy Spirit quickened to me, pray the men will go back to work and afterwards resolve their differences. I was shocked, I know the men would lose their bargaining power and it would be very difficult to make a deal after they go back to work. It didn’t make sense! After struggling for a few days I prayed, “The men go back to work and afterwards resolve their differences”. A few days later the men went back to work and a few days later negotiated a successful deal! One word from God can change everything!

One word from God can change everything!

As few nights ago I had a dream. A cat was crouched, looking timidly at a mouse it had caught. I was wondering why the cat did not grab the mouse, then mouse got away. Then I saw people throwing balls, with strings attached, off a cliff. I thought that’s a good idea, they won’t lose the balls. I went back to sleep and had another dream. A thief was walking into a house followed by an undercover agent. I looked at the agent and thought, they are so casual about following the thief they won’t catch them. The interpretation is, the people responsible for catching “The Deep State” are timid about catching offenders, but they must ensure all are caught and not dropped, and be vigilant about catching “The Deep State” until the assignment is complete. Therefore good leadership is required to resolve “The Deep State” corruption. This would confirm Rick Joyner, Luke Rosiak and Judge Pirro’s assessment of what needs to be done. (see below)

DS Jeannie FBI Family

Let’s keep close to God. The Holy Spirit may reveal more strategies to ensure victory.

Let’s be praying those responsible to investigate and prosecute “The Deep State” will:

  1. Those responsible will be courageous, focused and purposeful to catch the offenders (not timid or casual)
  2. Fully uncover and bring prosecution to all “Deep State” offenders (not drop the ball). (There is enough evidence both circumstantial and real, to prosecute many of them but all must be prosecuted and removed. There will never be perfect government but clearly US government needs a good clean out especially the DOJ and FBI)

We don’t do this out of malice or revenge but because justice must be done. There can never be two sets of laws in a country. The elected people are the ones to rule, and rule must be according to the Constitution not according to an elite set of unjust officials.


Standing together

Love Tim & Faith

Note. Yesterday Strzok in his interview with the Congressional committee said, he doesn’t remember sending the text, “We’ll stop him (Trump)”. Later in the interview he says the “we” refers to Americans who are appalled at Pres. Trump. Good to see Strzok’s memory came back so quickly! Unfortunately he forgot there is another text between him and Page saying, they cannot let Clinton be prosecuted over her e-mail because that will allow Trump to become President! “They” don’t refer to the American people Strzok, only the DOJ and FBI can prevent Clinton being prosecuted. (I hope Congressman realise this clear contradiction of facts by Strzok, clearly he is lying) Sorry Strzok you just contradicted yourself and it appears some people in the DOJ/FBI intended to prevent Trump from becoming President and then impeaching him after he became President. Strzok committed perjury! Pinocchio! Things are getting worse and worse for “The Deep State”. Tim



  1. The Obama administration, and it appears Obama, secretly sought to give Iran access — albeit briefly — to the US financial system by sidestepping sanctions kept in place after the 2015 nuclear deal, despite repeatedly telling Congress and the public it had no plans to do so.



  1. DNC, 44 Democrats in Congress, DOJ and others knew Awan stole information off the DNC server, hacked Congress computers, stole Government computers and other illegal activities. All these actions have clear proven evidence. Why has Jeff Sessions done nothing? Luke Rosiak has an idea!

House leadership covered up in the IT worker scandal?

Apr. 02, 2018 – 8:09 – The Daily Caller Investigative Reporter Luke Rosiak, former House IT worker Imran Awan and his family were not given background checks.



  1. More from Luke Rosiak about Awan.

Reasons for cover-up Democrats’ IT scandal: Ex-staffer expected to receive probation

Jul. 06, 2018 – 6:24 – Daily Caller investigative reporter Luke Rosiak says he worries about the leverage Imran Awan, a former IT aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., has over members of Congress.



  1. Judge Jeanine Pirro, How Peter Strzok got in the hot seat

Jul. 03, 2018 – 10:47 – Anti-Trump FBI agent subpoenaed to publicly testify. Panel sounds off on ‘Hannity.’

Where to go from here? DOJ and FBI aren’t doing enough to find the truth. Text messages about strong FBI and DOJ bias against Pres. Trump and for Clinton have been going on for more than two years. No indictments or prosecutions! Judge Jennie asks, “Where is the leadership on this issue”.



  1. Rick Joyner’s assessment of IG report and “The Deep State”




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