Koreas Rough Road

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A few days ago I had a dream. Mike Pompeo was sitting in the front passenger seat of Kim Jong un’s Mercedes. I looked in the window and said, “Well done Mike, you’re doing a great job”. It is no coincidence Mike Pompeo, former head of CIA and committed Christian, is the person negotiating the day to day details for the Koreas.

Charles Shamp had a dream saying, “I told him (Kim) that I had been working diligently with the CIA and the United States for many years, relaying information concerning him and his family. He looked at me in shock as I disclosed many things to him about my dealings with the United States.” Amazing how some prophets have specific words like that. God does this to encourage us so we know we are on the right track, so we can pray specifically and persevere in faith.

God’s purpose for the Koreas is unification, denuclearisation and revival. Two weeks ago the Prayer Center received a promise of salvation for Kim. Amazing to see God show mercy to such an evil man but God will have mercy on whom he will have mercy. Later I received promises there will be no war on the Koreas, salvation for Kim’s sister, denuclearisation, and revival in North Korea.

Kim is showing signs of going back on his decision to denuclearise or worse, was deceiving everyone from the beginning. Soon after the summit, North Korea expanded their nuclear facilities and appear to be hiding some of their nuclear weapons. After Mike’s last meeting, a NK press release said they were saddened by the US pressure to denuclearise and called the US thugs. Mike played down that statement saying, “There was good progress on all topics discussed”.

Mike and the international community are standing firm, sanctions will not be lifted until NK has made irreversible steps to denuclearise. Economically NK is in serious financial straits. One report said they have little or no petrol for their army. Unfortunately it appears one country is violating UN sanctions and trading with NK.

Shawn Bolts had an amazing prophecy fifteen years ago saying, “In the unification will come a uniting of hearts and purpose from the Korean people who have been given a boldness to stand with Israel, give their lives as missionaries and have been given the gift of technology, engineering and science. They are going to be used in great significance in the future before the return of Jesus. The children in North Korea are a seedbed of greatness, and they are filled with technologies that don’t exist yet in the computer science world.” Cindy Jacobs had a similar word around that time!

There is still much to be done to achieve unification and denuclearisation. This is not a time to rest or take it easy. This is hugely important for the Koreas and for Asia so we cannot stop until the job is finished. When we stood in the gap for our families, there were ups and downs until they came free of alcohol, drugs, gambling and into the Kingdom. Helping people through addictions takes great perseverance and the Koreas case will be no exception. So let’s keep focused, pray as the prophets are led, and be strong in faith. God is moving, so let’s keep praying and not faint!

God is moving, so let’s keep praying and not faint!

A quick reminder, praying for North Korea is not for immature Christians but experienced intercessors! Prophecies have warned about the spiritual warfare that will come against people who accept this assignment therefore be led by the Spirit and grow in grace, according to the measure of faith God has given you.

Stand with us in faith declaring,

  1. No war on the Koreas
  2. Unification and denuclearisation of the Koreas
  3. Salvation for Kim Jong un and sister
  4. Kim and sister will grasp their destiny as liberators not dictators
  5. Revival in North Korea

Let’s pray for

  1. All countries to abide by UN sanctions
  2. We bind any country who violates UN sanctions
  3. Wisdom and insight for Mike Pompeo and team
  4. Unity amoung American, Korean and Japanese negotiators


Standing together

Love Tim & Faith


  1. 2004-2005 Shawn Bolt prophecies

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