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We pray you find these newsletters encouraging. A testimony from Sis Elisa “Thank you for your newsletter. Am blessed to have you guys in my life, even more so spiritually speaking.”

Chuck Pierce has sent out some key prophecies, for the Body of Christ, at this major turning point in our lives and countries. In these prophecies God is giving clear and comprehensive guidance to move forward during Passover. I have summarised Chuck’s word which is exciting, will bring breakthrough and supernatural growth in our lives and ministry.

The prophecies begin: As we are careful to avoid becoming infected by Covid-19 we can become fearful therefore do not give into fear but declare daily we will not be infected. Keep declaring until we are full of faith. The Lord has all power over Covid-19.

God is going to define areas of authority in our lives, over Covid-19 and in our countries. Therefore let’s stand and decree these things. This is the year of the mouth.

By God’s grace we are going to pierce through places where there is death using God’s anointing and by being in the right place. God has given us the faith to move mountains so proclaim in faith healing for ourselves, our friends and our nation.

Seek God for a revelation in our situation so we can move forward rather than lean to our own understanding. Years ago I (Tim) faced my Covid-19 crisis. In one week I lost my job, the youth group was going to be closed and my parents wanted a divorce. There was nothing I could do but seek the Holy Spirit for a way through.

For my finances the Holy Spirit quickened to me to live by faith like George Mueller. For the youth group a church elder said he believed the church could work through the problems and not close the group. After that three extra people came to help me and the youth group grew. Finally my father changed his mind about divorcing mother.

God worked all things out simply because I put my trust in him and asked for a way through rather than working it out my own way.

Repent of any passivizim which says, if it is God’s will it will come to pass. God was to work through us and with us to bring healing from Covid-19 and our nation. Be actively involved, God will not move sovereignly in our situation but is looking for us to be involved. For economic provision during the crisis be faithful in our tithes and offerings.

The Holy Spirit will show us one thing he requires of us which will cause a breakthrough in our situation. Do not give into the devil’s accusations but have a victorious mentality. Sometimes there are serious bondages and hindrances in our lives which when we overcome, we go to a whole new level in Christ and see breakthrough in many other areas of our lives.

2 Chronicles 7.14 is key to turning Covid-19 around and restoring the economy of the land. God’s Word says that if we will humble ourselves, pray, seek his face and turn from our wicked ways, He will HEAL OUR LAND. Join together with others and declare we are turning to the Lord!

Chuck’s full prophecy click here

God Bless

Love Tim & Faith


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