The West

During our intercession for the west, God laid several burdens on our hearts. One of the most amazing was for a city on the western border. The population is a large people group so it was a huge challenge.

The burden for the city began with a visit from Peter Wagner’s Eagles Intercessory Team.

Their mission; “Pray for city M to open up to the gospel”.

As I said city M is mostly one people group so it was going to be hard. Of the millions of this group in this county there are only three thousand believers. The largest Church we know of is twenty people. One friend has witnessed for fifteen years without one convert!

There is a huge stronghold amoung this people but the Eagles team were here to change that.

We interceded with the team on Tuesday and got a breakthrough. They visited the city on the Thursday then flew back to the States on Saturday.

The very next week the government announced they are opening up city M for economic development. What an encouragement. Ishmael comes before Isaac. The natural before the spiritual.

God gave us a clear sign and confirmation that what we had prayed for, will come to pass.

Over the last few years many have left the city because of the increasing terror attacks. But there are still many who are faithful and we believe they will reap a harvest.

It was a privilege to meet the Pastor of the largest Church. I shared with him how we had interceded for the city and he was greatly encouraged.

Please be praying for these people worldwide. Many believe terrorism is disgusting and want out.

Now is the time to reach out in love and bring them into the Kingdom. If you would like some materials to help you evangelise please e-mail us. We would love to send it to you.

Till next week take care.

Love Tim & Faith

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