City Changes

After three months of intense intercession for the west, we didn’t intercede again for several years. We continued our Church Planting but one evening the Holy Spirit laid another burden on our hearts. It was for the capital city of our province.

One night while watching the local news … Tim was shocked. Four young men got angry at a woman, who tooted her car horn at them. The four men drew out iron bars and smashed the car on all sides. It was ten o’clock in the morning!

We have never seen anything like this. Tim sought the Holy Spirit asking, “Lord what shall we do?”

A lot of our guidance has come when we see the need and ask the Lord what to do. From there we follow his leading.

In this case the Holy Spirit gave Tim, 2 Chronicles 7:14.

God’s people are responsible for their family, city and nation. All that God requires is his people walk uprightly and pray. Tim called a prayer meeting and the following week we began praying.

The turnout was extremely low. Tim was very disappointed. We all have different churches, denominations and ministry but only one city. Everyone can put aside time and come together to intercede for their city.

How could a handful of people change their city? Everything rises and falls on leadership so Tim thought of a strategy.

If we only pray for the Pastors, leaders and people of influence in the church, then we are only have to pray for a few thousand people.

Then the leaders can turn their people around and the city will change. This was manageable.

For three months we prayed. It was a hard time. No wonder God could not find a man to stand in the gap. The price is high but I would encourage everyone, it is a price worth paying.

God always gives us grace.

During the three months of intercession the Holy Spirit led us to specifically pray for; submission to leadership, unity, holiness, love and covetousness.

Two years later, a police officer friend was driving us home. I shared how we prayed for crime in the city. He told me he will check the statistics and to give him a ring the following day.

When I rang he said, “For the last two years the crime rate has come down”. That is amazing!

One Pastor shared, “I believe 60-70% of the believers here are faithful Christians”. When God’s people turned and walked in his ways, the city changed.

This is the principle and truth of 2 Chronicles 7. We see the same thing throughout the Old Testament. Whenever God’s people walked uprightly Israel prospered but when they walked in sin there was suffering, the enemy attacked and overcame them.

Let’s provoke each other to good works and more so as we see the day approaching.

Love Tim & Faith

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