Red Light District

One of the most evil industries is prostitution. Most women and children who are kidnapped or trafficked, are sold or forced into prostitution. The underworld is involved. Murder and drugs is part of the scene. During the recession of 2008 the porn industry continued to prosper. It is an evil industry which causes endless suffering for many women and children.

One night a brothel owner led Sis K, who leads the prostitute ministry, into a locked room where there were one hundred girls! These girls were kept against their will, obviously trafficked. The owners beat the girls regularly. Many girls take drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. Families breakup.

One day the Holy Spirit gave Tim a burden to pray, that the Red Light District would close down. With our experience in the previous city we knew this was possible, but this city has twelve times the population! There were over five thousand foreign workers in our city. It was a huge challenge to our faith.

In less than three months of praying, the Red Light District closed down but it went underground. We continued to pursue and would not give up.

Sis K shared with me, “Tim we can’t get into the brothels to minister”. Within two weeks of praying, God opened up 50% of the areas where they were ministering. Two months later God began opening new areas in the city. Prostitution is evil but these evil forces are being pushed back.

There were further challenges.

Sis K shared, “We need more workers”. Most people cannot cope with the stress of working in such a ministry. Over 80% of people working amoung addicts give up within six months. It is similar in the prostitution ministry. The prayer center prayed for more workers and within four months, God provided two quality workers. God is moving.

One night the Holy Spirit gave this ministry a miraculous sign and promise. Sis K and another worker were prayer walking through the Red Light District. They stood behind a wall to pray and after finishing they looked down. There was snow on the ground!

It only snows two or three times a year, yet in summer there was snow on the ground! At that moment the Holy Spirit said, “The Red Light District sins will become as white as snow”.

God gave them a clear sign, the Red Light District will be transformed.

Intercessors play an essential part in this process. Wherever there is deep sin and bondage, intercession will get the break through. Normal prayer will not do it!

Let us stand in the gap for these girls and set them free.

Till next week, take care.

Love Tim & Faith

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