New Zealand

David was a warrior who knew the art of war. He learnt how to fight in the hills of Israel, out of sight of his family and Saul’s scouts. He was unknown until the day Goliath came.

When David faced Goliath he said, “The LORD who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine.”

This is how we felt going to New Zealand. It was a huge challenge to our faith but we had fought with a lion and with a bear, and this giant “New Zealand” will be the same. With God’s help we will conquer this giant!

God will never lead us into something we cannot handle. What he calls us to do today is based on our previous experience. He will lead us step by step. Sometimes those steps can be huge but they will never be more that we can handle.

Through prayer we have seen a small city open up to the gospel, a city of six million beginning to change and the same will happen to New Zealand.

Is God leading you to a higher place in him? Face the challenge and follow. You won’t regret it.

Faith and obedience are critical at these times. If we simply obey, God will work out the details.

It is extremely stressful stepping out on water. I can just imagine Peter as he stepped out of the boat. No one had ever done such a thing but as he obeyed Christ’s call, he walked on water. Amazing!

We did not know who we could pray with in NZ but simply trusted God to provide the team. He provided the team two weeks after we arrived.

It is also a test of our faith. We don’t always know where we are going or why. That can be frightening. We spend time praying in tounges and declaring God’s will to build up our faith. Then we step out on the water and believe God to help us. He always has.

After leaving New Zealand the challenges to our faith continued, “Did we really intercede for a nation?”, “Will those prayers come to pass?” or “Is this real!”.

We know from experience the answer to all these questions is a big, YES!

It is exciting to see the developments six months after we have left.

Chuck Pierce had an amazing prophecy for New Zealand and was a confirmation of our intercession. Other prophecies are also coming in. I believe more will come and much fruit will be evident.

We are part of God’s big plan and part of his team. Other Christians worldwide have agreed to stand with us. Numbers will continue to grow.

We believe God will continue to move in New Zealand until she comes into her inheritance.

Is the Holy Spirit calling you to step out of the boat, to do something you haven’t done before? Is he asking you to take a risk where only dependence on God is possible?

Go and obey him. He has a purpose and many will be blessed by your obedience.

Until next week, take care.

God Bless

Love Tim & Faith

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