Climbing the Mountain

Intercession can be like climbing a mountain. We get to the top of a peak and think we are at the top of the mountain, but there are more peaks to climb. A complex intercession is similar.

Some intercessions can be quite complex in the sense there is no simple answer to the situation. When we prayed against our cities crime rate, the Holy Spirit never led us to pray against the crime.

That may sound strange but God’s ways are not ours. The Holy Spirit gave us

2 Chronicles 7:14 as his way to bring down the crime. This was his way of solving the problem so the intercessor must be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and not lean to their own understanding, if they are to be successful.

Most times intercession is straight forward. We pray according to the problem or need, but sometimes the Holy Spirit will lead us differently. Such was the case for the crime in our city.

The inexperienced may not be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and miss God’s will. If we do not follow his way then we will not gain the intercession. We followed 2 Chronicles 7 as our plan of action and began praying for the Church. As we prayed the Holy Spirit began to show us areas in the Church which needed specific prayer. God showed us covetousness, submission to authority, unity and other areas which needed repentance.

Secondly, the inexperienced may rush in and pray all these points as soon as the Holy Spirit reveals them. They are a bit like the Church at Corinth when they got a prophecy. The prophets prophesied at the same time so no one could hear what was said.

When we are given several points to pray, we do no pray all at one time or pray short prayers for each point. We follow the Widows model I taught earlier.

Each of the points must be prayed through one at a time, until each point is answered. When we received an answer for covetousness, we would then begin praying for submission. When there was a breakthrough for submission, we would then pray for unity, etc.

We would continue this way until we prayed through each point. When we have completed intercession for each point, there is a tremendous joy. You will know when you have the breakthrough and when the prayer is answered.

This is like climbing a mountain. We get to the top of a peak and think we are at the top of the mountain, but there are more peaks to climb. When we have climbed all the peaks we reach the top of the mountain. A complex intercession is similar.

This is more difficult than simple intercessions. It takes a keen ear and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. As you spend more time interceding you will learn this and have many breakthroughs.

Therefore complex intercessions require the leading of the Holy Spirit and prayer for each point until there is the breakthrough. When you have done this you will find the intercession is answered.

We will take a break over the Christmas holiday period and catch up after the holidays.

Have a great Christmas and see you then.

Love Tim & Faith

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