This Month is Key!


Dear Intercessors,

I have read Chuck Pierce’s newsletters for over ten years and several times the Holy Spirit has confirmed his words to me. When I shared those words there has been tremendous fruits of salvation, joy, vision and Church growth.

Chuck says, “This month is probably a key month for intercessors”. He titled his newsletter, “28 days to Develop a New Blessing Cycle!”. Chuck says, “The old will fight to stay in place. In a year of “finishing” and completing what has never fully manifested in other seasons of your life, we must persist against resisting forces and determine to break through. This is also a month to pray for those in authority”.

Chuck balances his prophecy with scriptural teaching and warnings by writing a 28 day plan to help us enter into God’s blessings. If we are to come into God’s blessings, does that require a response from us or will God do it regardless of our behaviour? The Bible is clear, God blesses Christians who obey him and live according to his word. Christians who live a life of sin are in danger of the fire, will be tossed into the fire or are rejected on judgement day, Matthew 5:22, 5:30, 7:23. For good teaching on this foundation truth I recommend Derek Prince and Bill Johnson. You will find their resources at the end.

Over the last two months I have received other e-mails from “The Elijah List” and other prophets saying, God’s judgement is coming on the body of Christ. These prophets are not the judgemental types but in love, want the body to grow and come into all that God has for us. They rightly divide the word of truth and are warning us to avoid the suffering. You will find their resources at the end.

Therefore, let’s check ourselves and see if we have obeyed God in everything, that we have we put off sin and put on Christ, doing what Jesus did. When I examine myself, I have been challenged to fully pursue God during this 28 days. There are still areas in my life where I must get victory but I cannot do it in my strength. I must work with the Holy Spirit to overcome. I have committed myself to get up at mid night (The Third Watch) and pray. I testify that God has given me revelation and visions during the third watch, confirming Chuck’s insights on this principle.

This is also a month to break demonic strongholds. Our ministry is focused on a certain people group but to bring them into the Kingdom and then to maturity, we must go to the next level. This will need greater obedience, more godliness and more faith. We want to save as many as possible but as Rees Howells proved, it won’t happen if we go our own way.

Chuck also says to pray for those in authority during these 28 days. Everything rises and falls on leadership so let’s be praying for our Pastors. As we lift them up in prayer, we will also grow. They face enormous challenges so let’s be Aaron and Hur to our Church leaders and all in authority.

This is a critical month as Chuck points out. Let’s not miss this opportunity for ourselves and the body of Christ, to go to the next level. If you know Christians who are living in sin, pray for God’s mercy, forgiveness and that they repent immediately.

We’re all going to heaven!

God Bless

Love Tim & Faith



Chuck Pierce “This Month is Key! 28 days to Develop a New Blessing Cycle!

Derek Prince “Foundation Series, Final Judgement

Bill Johnson “Dealing With Sexual Sin in the Church” A message on how Christians work with God to overcome sin. Bill also refutes the extreme mercy and extreme grace teaching

David Pawson “The Road to Hell” (All but one verse where Jesus spoke about judgement, he spoke to Christians for Christians. David Pawson)

Rick Joyner “We are going to heaven” Rick prophesying God’s judgement coming to the Church

Jennifer LeClaire 2017 “Angels of Harvest” Prophesying God’s judgement for those who don’t walk uprightly

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