How Then Shall We Pray?


It was so exciting to see Trump win the election. Really it was the Body of Christ in action, bringing God’s will down to earth. I love to see that happen. I’m also very happy for America. I have been deeply concerned with the nations backsliding, and other countries, but now she has turned and we are seeing the fruit of that repentance. I thank God for his mercy towards America because I have received so much from Americans spiritually, in teaching and financially. I dread the day when they sink into economic depression, or worse have Hillary Clinton become President. God saved America from falling off the cliff!

Now Trump has won the election he must put his plans into action. As democracies become more cumbersome and divided, it will be very challenging for him to meet his goals. Aaron and Hur held up Moses’s hands so Israel could win the battle. We must do the same. The Bible clearly says, “Pray for all those in authority so we will lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty”, 1 Timothy 2:2. When we pray for our leaders we must work with them, not against them.

If we have an evil leader who refuses to repent, I would pray God remove them and pray a godly leader into power. Israel’s history is a perfect lesson, everything rose and fell on leadership. When they had a good leader the nation prospered, when they had an evil leader they suffered until eventually God gave them up.

How then shall we pray?

I would begin praying from God’s perspective, i.e. what are the prophets saying, then from a Biblical perspective and using common sense. We should not to pray directly if we do not know our leader’s will in a situation. So with this in mind, I have some suggestions on how to pray for Trump.

Common sense tells us we must pray for Trump’s character. Some Christians find it shocking that I would pray for Trump to become President. Believe me I was also shocked with his foul language and unwise words. No leader in the Bible spoke like that and finished well. Although it is difficult to know his full character, because of a bias media, we do know he is not an angel. Trump is a fighter like King David but David was wise in word and in deed. Trump must also learn, ditto for me! Let’s pray Trump will be wise in word and in deed.

Next I would pray for wisdom and insight to lead America. That was the first thing Solomon asked for and Trump will certainly need God’s wisdom. I believe there are difficult times ahead for the world and it will take courage and wisdom to navigate these times. Don’t we all need wisdom and God’s view of things! Second let’s pray God gives Trump wisdom and insight to lead America, wisdom to know when to encourage, teach, warn, rebuke and to discipline those who do evil!

Third I will be praying he protects the Constitution. Terry Bennett prophesied “The Constitution is safe with Trump”. It provides stability and a compass for America and they certainly need it. I was deeply shocked with the lefts view of the world and America does not want to go any further down that road. Pray Trump will protect the Constitution of America.

Next I would pray Trump keeps his word. Trump made several promises about abortion, religious liberty and Israel during the election. God judged the nations and Israel for these sins. God is patient and merciful but he warned the Church at Rome, not to behave like Israel otherwise they will suffer the same fate, Romans 11:21-22. That is clear enough! God’s just nature has not changed in the New Testament, only the boundaries widened. According to some reports there are concerns Trump may not follow through on some promises(read more).

Let’s pray Trump keeps his word when in office.

Fifth, I would pray God give Trump insights on how to turn the economy around. This is an enormous challenge. Early this year secular economist John Mauldin said, whoever wins the election the economy will collapse. After hearing more from Trump, he is now pessimistically optimistic! Obama destroyed the economy and it will need a miracle to turn it around. God promised that Trump will be like a Cyrus and help the economy. I would pray for insight from above on how to turn the economy around and a miracle. America will probably need both and God is well able to do both.

Sixth, I would pray terrorists be captured and not allowed to escape. In 2004 the Holy Spirit gave me a dream our country would be attacked by terrorists but showed me the authorities would catch them all. We interceded and God gave us a promise all would be caught. Several years later when our city got attacked, every terrorist was caught or killed, 100% success. I believe God can do the same for America if we pray! Let’s pray God give the authorities insight to catch every terrorist in America and make America safe again.

There is a lot more we could pray for but I feel the above will turn the nation back to God. The Church must also repent of all known sin and obey God in everything before the nation is healed. According to Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce’s prophesies, also Rick Joyner’s opinion, there are signs of a turning in the nation. This indicates the Church has turned or is moving forward in God. It is not an Asus St. moment, a Jesus movement or Charismatic renewal but there is enough evidence to show there are fruits of repentance. I see Trump’s election as a fruit of the Church’s repentance.

Let’s pray the Body of Christ in America goes from glory to glory, like we all should. Rees Howells was a shining example of a man who went from glory to glory, we can all do the same. Let’s make this our prayer for the Body of Christ in America.

We’re going to watch the inauguration today. We have planned our menu and will have coffee on hand so we can watch the event. History is in the making. Let’s rejoice and be glad in it.

Till next time

God Bless

Tim & Faith

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