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When I became a Christian I evangelised as many people as possible. My father said, “Tim there are two things that will get you into an argument, religion and politics”. I didn’t stop evangelising, but Dad was right. I have had more e-mails about the election, from both sides, than any other newsletter but God has spoken about this election and the body must rise up and stand in the gap. This is a critical time for America and the result will determine the nations laws on morality, for the next thirty years.

A spokesman from the Trump team predicted they could win 240 electoral votes and had a 20% chance of winning the Presidency. Trump was quoted as saying, “It would be a miracle if I won!”. After the polls closed the atmosphere in the Republican headquarters was sombre, in the Democrat headquarters jubilant but over the following ten hours that atmosphere completely changed. God gave Trump a miracle as prophesied and praise God for that. By the grace of God they have made it through a very narrow place.

I believe America has moved forward another step, from intercession in Moline when God said the nation has turned, to the electing of conservative Supreme Court Justices who will bring righteous laws back to America. I believe Trump will also do more good for the economy, terror, righteousness and support of Israel. This was a significant turning point for the nation.

Three weeks ago the Holy Spirit gave me a burden, a clear call to intercede for Trump. After some researching prophecies by Joyner, Engle, Bennett, Kunneman and others, it was clear God has chosen Trump. This was challenging because it would take a miracle to win. In 1975 my New Zealand Church turned the elections around, so I knew it was possible. However it was still a huge personal challenge. This was America, a nation of 400M!

For the last two weeks the prayer center and ourselves spent hours in intercession. On election day the prayer center fasted and prayed until 11pm then continued the next morning. We prayed throughout the night, then in the early hours of the morning, I dropped off to sleep! When I woke up I sensed a deep peace in my spirit. I knew the Lord had heard our prayers and the answer was on the way. From that moment on our prayers turned to declaration, praise and thanksgiving.

Now the test of faith began! Could we continue to believe Trump would win? At every point in the election we declared Trump had won. One prophet prophesied Trump would win, then in the next breath said “If Clinton wins ….”. There are no “If’s and But’s” when we have faith. Faith says, “Trump has won”. We kept declaring and thanking God for Trump’s win until the booths closed. As the results came in we continued to declare Trump had won. It was a challenging time with changes back and forward. Faith said it is like F1 car racing, very exciting but very stressful.

After reading the exit polls and seeing some expert analysis we see God has clearly answered our prayers. First we prayed “Trump will win”. Prayer answered! Second we prayed “Christians would go out and vote”. In the Bible belt of Texas they have a gay Governor. How could that happen? The Christians did not vote. Therefore we used common sense and prayed Christians would go out and vote. This time an extra 4M Christians went out and voted for Trump (in total 81% of all Christians voted) and they made up 26% of the electoral vote. Fantastic. Prayer answered!

For the third prayer, again we used common sense for our guidance and prayed, “The truth about candidates would be revealed”. With the previous revelation of Clinton’s e-mails and the lies that followed, I felt it was important people know about the candidates honesty and how they would serve as President. Ten days before the election the FBI found 860,000 e-mails of Clinton’s, then two days before the election said those e-mails were not relevant. This incident brought the e-mail scandal back into the light. Then four days before the election Guccifer 2.0 hacked the Clinton Foundation, revealing the pay-to-play scheme. These two incidents, all within ten days of the election, reminded everyone about Clinton’s apparent dishonesty and corruption. Clinton’s team said the e-mail scandal seriously affected her campaign. Prayer answered!

We also prayed according to Hank Kunneman’s prophecy “Christians would vote for God’s principles, not the person and not the party”. A large 21% of Christians voted for Trump because he pledged to appoint conservative pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, support religious liberties and support Israel. Prayer answered!

Also we were strategic in our prayers. Chuck Pierce prophesied Ohio, North Carolina and Nevada would be battle States. When the polls opened we focused a lot of prayer on these three States. We watched CNN live updates during the election. When CNN said, “Trump believes if he can get Florida there is a chance of winning”, we then focused our prayers on Florida.

When it was obvious results were not going according to the polls, CNN began looking for other States that might swing in Trump’s favour. They said if Trump wins Wisconsin or Michigan then he wins the Presidency. We focused prayers on these two States until the polls closed. The result, Trump won Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Result, 4 out of 6 prayers answered and those four States were enough for Trump to win the election!  Prayer answered!

Some Christians only pray what the Holy Spirit leads them to pray. God does not tell us everything, we also have to follow biblical principles and be smart. So when we pray we also look at prophecies, biblical principles and use common sense. I find this balance gets great results.

An interesting fact. Despite all the rhetoric about Trump’s language towards women, Afro-Americans and Latinos there was only a 1% increase of women voting, a small decrease in Latinos and a big drop in Afro-Americans. How do we explain that! Who knows, but CBN reported some Clinton supporters queuing up, then when they realised they would have to wait a long time they turned around and went home. Confused? We don’t know but God was moving throughout this election. His foot print is all over the elections.

There were a lot of people praying so it is obvious this was a body ministry. Mark and Mary were in Israel with 1,000 intercessors crying out for America. The Daystar, channel by Ken Copeland, had 1M people praying live for America. It takes more than one ministry or nation to move the States. Lou Engle’s ministry prayed and fasted for forty days up until the elections. This is body ministry!

If Clinton had won and brought her liberal Justices into the Supreme Court, America would have suffered for at least thirty years. God made a covenant with America but if, like Israel, she breaks her part of the covenant there will be many years of suffering and pain. Israel has suffered 2,500 years because she broke her covenant. I would hate to see America or any other nation suffer like that.

But I believe God has better things for the States. I believe America has turned the corner and will continue to move forward. God’s people will need to be vigilant and walk close to God. There is still a lot of work to do and it is going to be very difficult for Trump to carry out his plans. This is how Democracy works, very cumbersome at times, so intercessors must continue to watch and pray.

Therefore, just as it took a lot of prayer to get Trump into the Presidency, it will take as much prayer to have him move forward in office. It is not going to be easy and the opposition is enormous. Several months ago Chuck Pierce prophesied the next few months will be the most tumultuous in Americas history. Riots have begun so things are going to get tough. Let’s keep our ears to the ground and be sensitive to how the Holy Spirit will lead us. In the next newsletter I will give some suggestions about how to pray for America.


It has been a stressful four weeks so we took the night off and celebrated. We have lousy cakes here but a few weeks ago I found a very nice chocolate, blue berry rum cake with lots of cream. I managed to buy the last one so we had a quiet night with coffee and cake. Time to destress.

Despite the challenges and stress, seeing God move brings us great joy. As we were thanking God for the result, we knew it was a God moment. History has been made. There has never been an election like this!

Thank you Lord. You are an amazing God.

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