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This is the last Prayer News before the US election. The diagram shows the huge challenge Trump faces to win the Presidency but more prophecies are coming in saying, he will win the election. Over the last few days James Goll and Franklin Graham have given some very important advice which intercessors must take heed of, so I am writing this last newsletter to bring everyone up to speed. It will take the Body of Christ to pull this off. No one country or group are going to do it alone, it needs everyone so please take heed of what I have written and intercede for the elections.

The New Zealand election in 1975 looked similar to America’s. Right up until the last poll all the circumstances contradicted God’s will. Then over the last three days most New Zealanders changed their minds! This is the power of God to move in a nation but it took 700 of us fasting three days and praying fervently as one, before it happened. Some Christians are extreme in their doctrine and say, “If it is God’s will then it will happen”. No it will not! The Bible is very clear, most of the time God moved through godly people and not without them.

When Rees Howells and the Bible College interceded for the allies against Hitler, they prayed each morning, afternoon and evening for four years. They only rested one day. As Rees Howells said, “How can we rest when our soldiers are fighting on the battlefield!” How many prayers have we missed because we did not commit ourselves to the assignment.

Sometimes prophets can be so heavenly minded they are of no earthly use. All of the prophecies I have read about the elections have missed one critical factor. Last night the head of the Prayer Center was asking me how we should pray. As we chatted I realised I have overlooked a critical prayer point which can make or break a successful result.

Reading all the prophecies about the elections it has been encouraging to know God’s choice for President. God has also spoken about some key issues; Patriotism, The Constitution, Abortion, Gay Marriage, godly values, the Church and Israel. However no one, apart from Franklin Graham, has talked about repentance. Franklin said we have such poor Presidential candidates because the sin of the Church is great. I realised we have not prayed Christians will repent.

In my newsletters about the world economy I have often stressed the need for godliness in the Church. God promises to provide for Christians who live uprightly but those who live in sin will suffer the consequences. Research in America shows only 20% of pastors preach the truth, 68% of Christians watch porn regularly and there is little difference between born-again Christians and non-Christians(Barna 2015, 2016).

I have also tried to give clear reasons why sin is rife; 1. Extreme grace teaching which says Christians do not need to change their behaviour. 2. Extreme mercy teaching which says God will not judge Christians who continually sin.

One other reason we see so much sin is because Christians do not turn from their sin. The Graham family have been courageous to go against the tide of Church culture and uphold this foundation truth. Some Christians even define repentance as something else, twisting this doctrine around to their own destruction. Jesus taught the apostles the meaning of repentance; 1. Realise your sin. 2. Confess your sin to God and man. 3. Make a firm decision to change your behaviour. 4. Change your behaviour and continue in that for the rest of your life.( Luke 15:17, 18, 20)

Paul called it putting off sin and putting on Christ.(Eph 4:22, 24) Bill Johnson puts it brilliantly, “Imagine a mass murderer comes into Church and gets saved. Then the Pastor says to him, “Just slowly wean your way off that one!”” How foolish.

Franklin Graham has consistently warned and called the Church to repentance. Sadly people are not listening or willing to take his advice so we see America backsliding, deeper and deeper into sin. We see Rees Howells overcame sin in his life and his fruit is legendary, he changed nations. In Moline this May, Dutch Sheets prophesied America has turned. I had a witness to that word so there has been a change but to see Trump win the Presidency, there will need to be greater change.

Intercessors must stand in the gap for America and pray, that God’s people will humble themselves and turn from all disobedience and sin. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Gal 5:19-21) This is a critical factor for Trump to win the election.

“Righteousness exalts a nation but sin brings it low”

Repentance however is not the only thing that will turn the election. How we pray is also key. James Goll called on Christians to pray from the heavenlies. We know God’s will is for Trump to win the Presidency so we do not need to ask or plead with God for Trump to win. Rather we declare in faith that Trump is the winner and thank God for it.

A lot of Christians never have their prayers answered because they do not use the authority God has given them. So when you pray for the elections do not ask God to help Trump win. But thank God that Trump has won and praise God that Trump is the winner. This is praying from the heavenlies and praying in faith. In our experience we have found this is a key to answered prayer.

This is the last day before Americans vote. It is a critical point for the nation because it will determine the moral climate of America for the next thirty years. If Clinton is President it means another thirty years of gay-marriage, abortion, repression or maybe persecution of Christians and opposition towards Israel. These are major reasons why God judged the nations and Israel. So let’s be strong in faith, do not look at the circumstances but declare Trump will be the next President as God promised.

I have added one more prayer request for the election:

Pray Christians will immediately repent of disobedience and from all known sin.

Let’s be strong in faith and keep declaring Trump the winner until the results come out. Let’s not doubt. Trump WILL TRIUMPH.

Love Tim & Faith

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