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Although Trump has momentum in the polls, Clinton still has a clear advantage. Trump is going to find it very hard to win so there is a huge challenge ahead. I was out walking, praying and seeking the Lord for guidance. I got home and headed for the computer to type this letter. Although I did not get any guidance I did get some encouragement and inspiration.

This election reminds me of the New Zealand election of 1975, yes I’m getting a little old. The Labour Party was in power but God said to our Pastor, to pray the opposition National Party will win because “it is important for New Zealand’s future that the government be supportive of Israel”. Three days before the election the Labour party was well ahead in the polls but God had given us a promise, National would win.

It was a huge test of faith and for me, perseverance. It was not easy to believe God’s promise when all the evidence says the opposite. As I persevered and kept declaring God’s promise, faith rose in my heart. I came to the point where I was full of faith and joy. Nothing could shake me from believing National would win. Many Christians miss God’s promises because they give up when the going gets tough. Abraham persevered twenty-five years, although the evidence said otherwise, then he received his promise, Heb 6:12, 15. (see the New Zealand link in Resources)

God has already answered some of our prayers so be encouraged. 

We prayed “Truth about the candidates would be revealed”. You will have seen the news where Clinton’s e-mail have accidentally been found on Weiner’s computer. Today CBS news reported these contain some of the lost/deleted e-mails from the Clinton server. Another revelation, the FBI is seriously investigating the Clinton Foundation for “pay-to-play” activities where the Foundation received money for favours. Although nothing has been proven, Clinton’s lies about these clearly show her dishonesty.

All this is extremely damaging to America as they find, like Nixon and Bill Clinton, the fabric of their government is severely tainted. The truth hurts but it is better than the kisses of an enemy. Trump will clean these up once he becomes President.

We also prayed God would give Trump wisdom. Pat Robertson was advising Trump to keep focused and not get distracted when Clinton makes personal attacks. This week Trump self-talked himself saying, “Nice and cool. All right? Stay on point, Donald. Stay on point. No side-tracks, Donald.” CBS news say Trump has never been so focused like he has these last few days.

The prophecies I have quoted point to Trump being a different kind of person from Clinton. He is very concerned about the direction the country is heading and has stood up strongly for the constitution. He is going to use his own money, if necessary, to investigate some of the dishonest and illegal activities in the Government. The way Comey handled Clinton’s e-mail case was shocking and the list goes on.

Trump however was quick to apologise for his shocking comments about groping women. James Dobson led Trump to re-dedicate his life. He is making strong stands against abortion, discrimination of Christians and is fully supportive of Israel. God judged the nations for these reasons so Trump is going to lead America in the right direction.

Although Clinton is leading in the polls let’s be strong in faith, declaring Trump the winner. Spend time praying in tounges to build up your faith, Jude 20. Whenever I struggle to believe God’s promises, I pray in tounges and soon after my faith level is back up to full. When I am full of faith there is no doubt, I sense joy and peace of the Holy Spirit. I have that witness in my spirit.

Let’s also be encouraged and believe the many prophesies about Trump. I do not know all the Prophets quoted but Joyner, Engle and Bennett are mature Christians and have been consistently correct in their prophecies. Also the Holy Spirit led me to pray for Trump so I know God is in this.

Prayer points:

  1. In faith proclaim Trump the winner (according to Joyner’s prophecy)
  2. Wisdom and insight for the Trump team
  3. Command the devil get behind every Christian and not blind their eyes to the good Trump will bring to America on abortion, the constitution, religion, terror, the economy and Israel.
  4. For every Christian to see the evil that the enemy will bring to America
  5. Every Christian get out to vote
  6. Confusion in the enemy camp
  7. Revelation and repentance of God’s enemies, that they will vote for righteous values
  8. Any vote rigging be exposed
  9. The truth about candidates be revealed

Let’s be praying for the elections that Trump WILL TRIUMPH.

Love Tim & Faith

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