Bible in Schools Another Victory

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The Bible in Schools intercession has had another significant victory. When America banned Bible in schools in 1963, people noticed a decline in the nations moral values. Most people are receptive to the gospel before the age of eighteen years so the devil will do all he can to prevent young people learning godly values. For New Zealand to have another victory is quite remarkable because New Zealand has become a very secular and immoral country.

According to New Zealand government statistics there has not been any new Church growth since the last survey. Most of the new growth are immigrants from Asia. However, there are some Churches which have large numbers of new converts, so it is not all doom and gloom. Half the couples living together are not married and almost half the population believe in same-sex marriage! Despite this poor spiritual and moral climate, God continues to push back the powers of darkness.

Throughout this case we have seen God move strongly at each step. First the Churches Education Commission (CEC) was permitted to make submissions in court, then the judge prevented the Secular Education Network from making submissions against the case. Then there were continual delays by the opposition and the judge dismissed the case. The dismissal was very interesting.

The leader of the Secular Education Network, David Hines, accepted a donation from the “Temple of Satan” and branded a poster supporting the “satanists and wiccans”. We can be assured those people would have been up to their little tricks but we know God has tricks up his sleeve!

The Secular Education Network joined the case late. Because they joined the case, submissions from them were continually delayed and they gave no explanation for the delays. After many delays the judge dismissed the case. I believe God confused and delayed them so the case would be lost.

During intercession we prayed confusion amoung the enemy. Some Christians don’t agree with that and take a pacifist view of Christianity. Jesus was not a pacifist or nice to everybody, Matt 16:3-4. John did not teach the Roman soldiers to stop fighting when they became Christians, but told them do not abuse your position, Luke 3:14. Paul taught the Church, God uses governments to stop evil in the world, Rom 13:4. Rees Howells is the best example of the Church pushing back evil.

God told Rees Howells to pray the allies would win each battle and after intercession gave them a promise of victory. God’s tactic was not to pray for the Nazi’s to repent and become Christians. Fortunately some did, but God purpose was to remove evil from the world and fortunately found someone willing to stand in the gap. We do not fight people but spiritual powers. As Christians we use the weapons of our warfare to drive back evil. If we sit back idly then our countries will become more and more evil.

We also prayed “God in your judgement show mercy and save McClintock”.

We also prayed wisdom for the judge. McClintock appealed the case and appeared in court last week. The judge ruled, “McClintock must pay all court costs incurred up until now before the case can continue . He can not appeal that decision”. McClintock says that is unfair and the case is “unlikely to be ever heard”. This will probably be the end of the case! Read more …

This victory is a significant step towards New Zealand becoming a godly nation as God promised.

Please continue to declare other promises God has given us:

  1. McClintock and his daughter will become Christians
  2. Bible in Schools will have more Christian teachers
  3. Bible in Schools will raise many generations

Let’s all be strong in faith and declare these promises over New Zealand.

Thank you for standing with New Zealand. It is very encouraging to see the result. Let us thank God and give him all the glory.

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers

Love Tim & Faith

(Update: Bible in Schools is not the program used in NZ schools. What was known as the ‘Nelson System’ allowed schools to close officially for half an hour per week, during which time religious instruction took place. Now the Christian Education Commission (CEC) runs these programs, led by 2,500 volunteers. The CEC mission is “To equip and inspire Kiwi kids through values-based Christian Religious Education”. )


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